How healthy is football for sports is?

A recent review in the German medical journal shows that soccer training improves the health of inactive people is essential. A summary analysis of 17 studies showed that sedentary people through football play at the most in the short-term Fitness gains and body weight lose.

For movement of the muffle, there are apparently some good news: An analysis of 17 studies gave no evidence that playing football can improve the health of inactive people in the long term. Rather, the positive health limited effects on a short-term loss of body fat and improving aerobic Fitness.

So, only two out of 14 studies showed that BMI decreased by the soccer training. In people with normal blood pressure, the blood pressure fell in only one of eight studies in people with high blood pressure after all, in three of the four studies (minus 5-10 mmHg). Effects on the blood glucose levels were observed in any of the studies, however, diabetics had been previously excluded from the analysis. Missing a new onset of Diabetes data. Also, the effect on the Occurrence of cardiovascular disease was not been adequately studied.

The reverse conclusion is that you can indulge in the life as a couch potato keep, should, however, be drawn: The authors of this review point to the fact that for a definitive statement of long-term studies with larger participants are required to pay. There may be other sports are better, however, to improve the health of inactive people.