“Therapies” against homosexuality should be banned

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has defined its plans for a statutory prohibition of treatments for homosexuality.

These so-called conversion therapies should be prohibited for under 18-Year-olds in General, cited the Newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND, Mounting issues) a draft law of the Ministry of health.

In the case of 16 – to 18-Year-olds, the prohibition should not apply if the patient provides proof that the Patient has the necessary understanding and insight to the scope and risks of the treatment to assess.

In the case of consent of age of these treatments, however, would be, in principle, allowed with limitations, according to the report. This was not the case but, if people want to be at your decision, a “hardware defect” under – due by deception, mistake, coercion, or threat.

Violations of the new law should be punishable with imprisonment for a term of up to one year or fines.

Minister Spahn said the RND, so-called conversion therapies should, as far as possible, be prohibited. “Where you be is often serious physical and mental suffering,” he said. “This alleged therapy makes you sick and not healthy.”

“It’s okay, just the way you are”

“A ban is also an important social signal to all that struggle with their homosexuality: It’s OK, as you are,” says Spahn.

Spahn plans accordingly, also the Apply, Offer and Mediate to forbid these treatments. According to information from the Ministry of health, the provisions of the act are to come for the pastoral and psycho-therapeutic interviews to the application: “The prohibition applies when the conversation partner is trying to take inadmissible influence on the sexual orientation or self-perceived gender identity of a person involved,” quoted the RND the Ministry.

Homosexuality is not a disease, therefore, there is no reason to treat it in a Ministry-commissioned expert opinion. In addition, evidence does not exist that the sexual orientation of the alleged therapies, ever permanently change. Known possible consequences of the treatments are – you can lead to severe psychological stress such as depression, anxiety disorders and an increased risk of suicide after.

In Germany, it had to be assumed by Thousands of cases per year, in which one tries to gay people by questionable methods to re-educate.