High blood pressure: flu vaccine saves lives

Patients with high blood pressure during flu season, an 18 percent lower risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke, if you were vaccinated against the flu. At the same time, vaccination rates among people with high blood pressure, however low. The researchers reported at the world Congress of cardiology in Paris.

Over nine years, scientists from the University of Copenhagen studied the mortality of persons with high blood pressure and found that it was 18 percent lower when the patients against the flu were vaccinated. The risk of death by heart attack or stroke was reduced by 10 percent, and other cardiovascular diseases by 16 percent. Vaccination rates lag in the nine years under observation, only between 26 and 36 percent. The majority of patients with high blood pressure were not so vaccinated.

"In view of these results, I am of the Belief that all patients sollten&quot with high blood pressure of an annual flu vaccination;, Daniel Modin, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen, who presented the results said. "The vaccination is safe, cheap, easily available and protects against infection with the flu virus. In addition, our study suggests that they also cause loss before deadly heart attacks and strokes as well as deaths due to other causes can protect."

The influenza virus causes in the body a strong immune reaction and subsequent inflammation. In order for the Virus to combat from the body, but at the same time can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Modin says: "Heart attacks and strokes are due to the fraction of deposits in the heart or arteries leading to the brain causes. After a rupture, a blood clot formed and the blood supply breaks down. Influenza-induced acute inflammation, decrease the stability of Plaques and increase the likelihood that they will break."


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