6-year-old Oskar deadly Tumor cancer – now football fans collect donations

A “dream come nightmare”. As Oskar gets the diagnosis of “incurable cancer”, collapses to his mother a world. In order to meet the boy to his last wishes, turns on even the 1. FC Nuremberg, in order to support the family with donations.

“At the 20.03.19 was found in the case of Oskar, a brain tumor, since then I’m living in a nightmare come true!” The mother of six-year-old shares on Instagram her despair. Oskar suffers from an incurable cancer. In the brain of the young, a more aggressive Tumor is located, surgery would be fatal.

In order to support the boy and his family at this terrible diagnosis, called the Association “franc” Helps to donate. After the club had made a Twitter Post on the six-year-old’s attention, also offered the soccer Bundesliga 1. FC Nürnberg for his support.


DIPG-a disease is incurable

The disease, which has been looking for Oskar’s home, is particularly true of children aged from four to eleven years. This is a deadly, inoperable brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic Ponsglion (DIPG). This sits directly in the brain stem, the entire nervous system is controlled, as well as the breathing.

A Chance at a cure does not exist. Because the area in the brain is a delicate, surgery would be for Oskar, therefore, definitely deadly. The Tumor is very aggressive, the chances of Survival of such patients are, therefore, equal to zero. The 3-year survival rate is only three percent.



Association and the FCN Fans collect donations

The disease is tragic enough. To meet Oscar, his last wishes, collects donations “Franken-Helps”. His mother, Janina studied, furthermore, the disease brings with it financial Concerns. Also, the Nuremberg footballers were on the case.

In addition, the supporters of FCN for the little Oskar is involved. The Nuremberg Fans called on to help at the fundraiser on Friday. At a home match of 1. FC Nuremberg against Heidenheim will ask the supporters of the Bundesliga club in order to “bucket donations”. Helpers want to take in the stadium, empty cups and bottles, and collect. The mortgage proceeds will go in full to Oskar and his mother.

Chances of recovery have not improved for decades

In the past few years, the chances of a cure of diffuse intrinsic Ponsglioms have hardly improved. This is the most common lethal brain tumor in childhood. Yet, it is not managed medical professionals to develop an effective chemotherapy for DIPG.

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