Switzerland is of the opinion that coffee is vital

In Switzerland, it didn’t come from the Federal office for national economic supply to the conclusion that coffee is essential for life. Therefore, coffee emergency stocks held for the supply of the population in case of national disasters, Shortages or Wars are to be resolved. Not only a morning person speak again.

In the course of regular re-evaluation of essential goods for emergency situations, it means: "Coffee is according to the valid criteria are not essential for life. That is to say, coffee contains virtually no calories and does not contribute, therefore, from a nutritional physiological point of view to food security."

In tight times, the Swiss will have to do without so the future of coffee. So far, for a rainy day 15,000 tonnes of coffee were stored beans sufficient to feed the population for about three months. Although coffee is not tired, he was formerly from "psychological Gründen" for life is important. This is no longer justified, according to a new report today.

Not only the Swiss coffee drinkers are disagree with the decision, but also the companies that benefit from the storage of the inventories. Réservesuisse argued that coffee contains antioxidants and vitamins: "The one-sided Review and weighting of the calories as the main criteria for an important reason, food is not gerecht&quot the coffee;, the company said in a letter.

Studies show that Drinking coffee makes people only more alert, but your mood raises and socializing. "If you are in crisis, sometimes they need psychological elements to überleben&quot to;, Hans Helfiger of Réservesuisse said. "And coffee, as we all know, a great way to start the Morning."


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