Germany is involved in the fight against Ebola

The dangerous Ebola virus from spreading in the Congo, for the first time cases have been in the third province, Sud-Kivu, found. The dpa news Agency said, quoting the report of an Ebola-representatives of the Congolese government. In the case of the newly reported cases, it is a woman and her seven-month-old child. For the woman, help came too late, she died last Wednesday. Her son is currently being treated medically. Although Ebola is now considered to be curable, according to the report, the disease is contained or under control.

Now Germany wants to support the African country with 50 million euros in the fight against the Ebola virus. “We do not want the people because of money shortage of vaccine,” said development Minister Gerd Müller. He had met on Thursday with Ebola-officer Muyembe in the capital, Kinshasa, in order to inform about the measures.

“The Eastern Congo program” against Ebola and Hunger

The million package is part of the Congo programme to combat fundamental problems in the country. “Poverty is the breeding ground of Ebola; we invest in agriculture to eradicate Hunger,” said Müller. In addition, Germany wanted to expand health care in the Congo. If the sum for the project is sufficient, is doubtful. During the devastating epidemic in West Africa 2014/15, the US Economist Jeffrey Sachs, had estimated that a minimum of one to three billion dollars would have to be used to bring the Virus under control.

Already been over a year since the Ebola epidemic is raging in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri in the East of the country. Information provided by the authorities according to almost 2900 people have so far fallen ill and more than 1900 people have died. In the Congo, as well as in the neighbouring countries of South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi have now launched vaccination campaigns.

After the devastating epidemic in West Africa 2014/2015, with over 11,000 deaths, this is the worst outbreak. It is particularly difficult to handle, because in the Region of several militias are active. Again and again Ebola will be attacked-helper. According to the world refugee Agency UNHCR, were distributed in the past three weeks, only in the Ituri province by the violence of 145,000 people from their homes and sought shelter in refugee facilities. The number of people over the Region, in addition to Refugees, the UNHCR estimates that 215,000 people.