Caution when bathing! How do you recognize a sunstroke and prevent

When the temperatures rise, it draws us outside. A tan makes you in a good mood, but can also cause headaches. FOCUS Online explains how to a painful sunburn prevention and how you can alleviate the symptoms as quickly as possible.

  • Typical symptoms of a sunstroke headache are vomiting, in some cases, this also.
  • Children are particularly at risk small.
  • In the case of a sunstroke the head and neck heat up with a heat stroke the entire body temperature rises it.

Signs of sunstroke

In the case of a sunstroke the head and neck to heat up so much that the brain swells the skin and in the worst case, can ignite. The pressure in the brain rises, Affected suffer from headaches, Nausea and a stiff feeling in the neck area.

The head is hot while the rest of the body remains relatively cool. Affected feel powerless and dazed and actions, in some cases, ringing in the ears. The symptoms usually occur several hours after exposure to the sun.

So treat sunstroke

At the first signs of a Sunstroke, you should go in the shade to take a refreshing drink and the nape of her neck with wet towels to cool. Not ice cubes but to or ice packs, because extreme cold can strain your body in addition.

Slight discomfort can easily be self-relieve. Fever, vomiting or loss of consciousness occur, you should call a doctor.

To prevent a sunstroke

You are planning a strenuous bike ride or a continuous run at high temperatures? You can check on the website of the German weather service heat warnings. Generally speaking, you should not stay too long in the blazing sun and in a lightweight headgear to wear. Those who sweat a lot should drink also enough water.

Sunstroke or heat stroke?

While in the case of a sun-stroke, only the head and neck from overheating, increases in the case of a heat stroke the entire body temperature more than 40 degrees. Affected cramps, suffer feel drowsy and dizzy. Heatstroke, heat shock, can damage the brain permanently.

You go at the first signs of heat stroke in the shade, open any tight clothing and take off your shoes. Cool your body with wet towels. You are not looking for, however, is cooling off in a lake or under a cold shower. This way, you can get cramps, or even render them unconscious.

These people should be especially careful

The sun hits the engraving, often small children. Your thin skull may protect your brain in a bad from strong sunlight. For a sun can be life stitch threat.

Adults with thinning hair should only cover the head, in the sun.

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