Watching Blue Ivy's Emotional Reaction to Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' Audience Standing Ovation Will Have You Misty-Eyed Too

Beyoncé’s hometown “Renaissance” show in Houston, Texas was an emotional evening for Blue Ivy.

The 11-year-old joined her mom on stage again, as she’s done at several of the tour’s concerts, and after Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and the singer’s dancers finished a number, the audience roared as they gave the pre-teen a standing ovation.

A clip of the moment was captured and shared on TikTok — as the crowd cheers for her, Blue Ivy is seen holding her pose at the end of the song, then she removes her ear plugs to better hear the applause. It takes a few seconds for Blue’s ears to adjust to the sound, but her visible surprise at the volume of the loving roar is so precious, it put a lump in our throats.

After clutching at her heart in overwhelmed gratitude, Blue continues to take in the audience and their prolonged applause specifically for her. Her breathing gets heavier, and after she holds up a hand heart sign, Blue’s face is visibly overcome with emotion.

As the 11-year-old smiles through tears, the camera pans to Beyoncé, who is absolutely beaming with pride as she listens to the crowd’s cheers of adoration. The singer bursts out in delighted laughter, nods her head at her daughter, and joins in with an enthusiastic scream of her own when Blue collects herself and does a sassy dance move.

Before the video ends, Beyoncé says, “Please give it up for the legendary Blue Ivy” — and the live audience did just that.

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