Serena Williams Shows Off Home Gym Shared With Daughter Olympia: 'My Little Baby Got Some Equipment'

By now, we’re well aware that Serena Williams and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, have a truly stunning home, but the tennis champ just gave a glimpse into her private gym, and it’s definitely fit for a legendary athlete. Sharing some pre-workout videos on Instagram Stories Friday, Williams not only showed off her stunning fitness space, but also the colorful mini workout equipment for her 4-year-old daughter, Olympia Ohanian. And yes, it’s too cute for words.

Taking followers for a spin around the gym, Williams said in the footage, “Alright, kids. I’m in the gym and I’ve been working on my gym — might do that today. I’m trying to get some new equipment.” Panning down to a pint-sized step machine, elliptical, bike, and a treadmill, she added, “My little baby got some equipment. She does her little elliptical and then the StairMaster or treadmill and then she has a little bike.”

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Of course, with one of the greatest athletes of all time for a mom, it’s not entirely surprising if Olympia is an active kid, but we can’t get over how cute her colorful “equipment” is. And although Williams’ setup is still a work in progress, it’s already stacked with mats, weights, balance balls, treadmills, and everything you’d need to get in a solid sweat session without leaving home. (Must be nice!)

Like all of us, though, Williams sometimes struggles to find motivation to exercise. In fact, as she said in her videos, she’d just enjoyed some tacos and a margarita and was “tired.” Relatable, indeed!

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