Andy Cohen Reveals His Biggest Parenting Struggle as a Dad of Two

Check out Andy Cohen’s Instagram, and you’ll immediately see that parenting is not a walk in the park. OK, sometimes it’s literally a walk in the park — but one where you complain about how hard parenting is. The Watch What Happens Live! host is dad to Lucy, 6 months, and Ben, 3, and things can get super chaotic at home, especially when you try to give each child one-on-one attention. Cohen shared his biggest parenting struggle with PEOPLE yesterday, and as a moms of multiples, I’ve felt this struggle, too.

“Just when I think I’ve had a lot of really quality time with Ben, I have to go to Lucy and sit with her and I just want to look in her face and I want her to see me and hear my voice and know that I’m here,” he told PEOPLE at ByHeart’s Feed Fest. “It’s just about juggling time management with the two of them.”

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It is so, so hard! Especially because there’s so much you have to do with the baby — feed them, change them, rock them to sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat — that sometimes it feels like you’ve accomplished something if your older kids are just fed, clothed, and relatively happy. But actually making sure you are spending good, quality bonding time with them is challenging. And this struggle doesn’t end as they get older!

The Bravo host added, “Make sure you have help,” which is very good advice. He also talked about his “total shift in priority” that makes him want to spend more time at home.

“I’m choosing to stay home with them so much more than I ever would have,” he told the outlet. “I was not someone who ever stayed at home, so my priorities have just totally changed.”

Earlier this month, Cohen and Anderson Cooper lamented the struggles of weekends as parents in a cute Instagram video.

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“Wow, Saturday, we’re getting our party on, huh? This is awesome,” Cohen said from a crowded bookstore, as kids screamed in the background. “Remember when we used to be guys around town. Do you remember that?”

Ah, good times. Parenting isn’t easy, but Cohen is bringing a humor and relatability to it that is nice to see.

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