What food myths are true?

Eating in the evening makes you fat, the tomato drink is toxic, and the coffee drains the body of water: myths about food there are many – don’t have to agree but for a long time. “The reason for diet the myths of uncertainties, for example, in the question of whether one may eat cheese rind are often,” says Harald Seitz from the Federal center for nutrition. What is the legends? An Overview.

Dark bread is healthier than white bread? In the case of cereal products such as bread, pasta, rice, and flour the whole grain variant is the best choice for health, says Silke rest Meyer of the German society for nutrition (DGE). “Foods made from whole grain to saturate longer and contain more nutrients than white flour products.” But: Not every dark or grainy bread or bun is also a whole grain product. “Bun you can do with malt extract and dark with sunflower seeds in a grainy,” says Silke rest Meyer.

Spinach, you may not warm up again? That is not true, this diet rule is very old. “It dates from times when there were no refrigerators,” says Monika Bischoff, a Board member of the professional Association of nutritional Sciences. The Problem is not the second warm-up, but the slow Cooling: Cools cooked spinach is slow to convert bacteria in the medium temperature range safe nitrate to harmful nitrite.

Tomato drink is toxic? The green Spots on the tomatoes contain solanine. “This poison is used by the Plant to repel pests,” explains Seitz. In humans, symptoms of poisoning, such as headaches and abdominal pain may occur if you absorb a lot of solanine. An adult would have to eat a very large amount of unripe tomatoes or Stalks.

Coffee drains the body of water? “It’s not do no harm, to drink a Cup of coffee, a glass of water, is necessary but it is,” says rest Meyer. Because coffee will be included with all other beverage in the fluid balance. Overall, physically, it should take little active adult per day approximately 2.5 litres of liquid.

In the peeling of fruits and vegetables most of the vitamins are? That’s true. Most of the vitamins and secondary plant ingredients are sitting in fruit and vegetables directly into or under the skin, explains the rest of Meyer. “Therefore, it is important to enjoy fruit and vegetables with peel.” The benefit outweighs the health risk due to possible pesticides in the shell.

Superfood makes you fit and prevents diseases? Is only partially true. “So-called Superfood are food with lots of nutrients,” explains Monika Bischoff. An official Definition of the term, it does not give but. If a food is actually fit and illnesses can be prevented, depends on the respective product. “Home Superfood such as, for example, cabbage is healthy and makes you fit,” she says. From exotic foods such as Chia seeds or acai powder, she advises against it.

Frozen food does not spoil? Not true. “Freezing is a method recommend to food – to store up for the long term,” says Silke rest Meyer. By Storing at temperatures of minus 18 degrees, the nutrients, taste and appearance have remained largely intact. With time, degradation processes take place but still. You no longer have to worry that the food will taste at some point. Silke rest of Meyer’s advice: “the one Who labeled the packaging with freezing date, amount, and content, will retain a better Overview of its stock.”

Cheese, you are not allowed to eat bark? It depends. It is crucial, as the bark came to be. “Of course, Mature as well as unprocessed cheese rinds are edible, and – as in the case of noble mould cheese with a special flavor,” explains Seitz. Artificial cheese rinds made of wax or plastic are not suitable for human consumption. “In this case, a note on the packaging.”

Night eating makes you fat? “Anyone who takes to many calories to take. Those who take too little calories,” says Monika Bischoff. For Healthy in a normal weight group, it was irrelevant what time you ingest the food. “Anyone who wants to lose weight, but can still try to do without in the evening on the food,” says the Nutritionist. Many people case it is easier to do without in the evening to a meal than, for example, on the Breakfast.

A brandy after the meal helps digestion? That is not true, says rest Meyer. Alcohol stomach acid production, could actively stimulate may be an enzyme for protein digestion in the stomach and got nervous a numbing effect on the Stomach. “He’s not but it helps the digestion of fat.” Rather, the column of the digestive tract in front of the fat, the alcohol, because he wins in this way, a simple energy. “Liquor is fat-rich food, therefore, rather more slowly digested.”