Man Blames Yeti Cup For Causing Patient’s Serious Illness

Chiropractor Beau Pierce was perplexed by a patient’s condition. He suffered from constant upper back and neck pain, and the cause wasn’t obvious.

The patient confessed that he had been battling an internal infection for four months and had been prescribed five different types of antibiotics. He was quite ill and just couldn’t shake it.

“So I started asking him questions about his lifestyle and what he was doing each day. As I was adjusting him, I noticed his Yeti cup sitting on the counter,” Pierce disclosed in a YouTube video that has amassed more than 1 million views so far.

Pierce studied the Yeti cup and detected under the rim where he drank something incredibly disgusting. He asked permission from his patient to examine the cup closer.

“So I take the cup and pull off the top. There is mold sitting all along the lid of the cup. I asked him, ‘Do you wash your Yeti cup? What I’m seeing under there is suspect,” he said in the video.

The patient said he drinks his coffee, then his protein shake, then washes it in the dishwasher.

“That’s all I do to clean the cup,” the patient told Pierce.

Pierce took the lid, rinsed it off thoroughly and asked him if he actually cleaned under the seal or the mag slider. The patient was confused and replied, “I didn’t know you were supposed to.”

“So I informed him that yes, you do need to clean underneath the seal and the mag slider,” he said. “My patient almost literally died because of his Yeti cup.”

Pierce took it upon himself to show his viewers how the seal can be pried off carefully with a fork so that a person can clean underneath it with dish soap. Bacteria can become trapped under the seal. The mag slider also is a magnetic piece that can be popped off with a finger.

“You can get all kinds of bacteria and other things that sit underneath that as well. So if you’re drinking out of a Yeti cup, especially one with a slide, you need to wash underneath this,” he said.

After the patient went home and gave his Yeti cup a deep scrubbing, all of his infections disappeared, Pierce said.

“This patient was killing the infection with the antibiotic once it was in his stomach and lungs, but re-inoculating himself every single day as he drank out of his cup,” he said.

Pierce demonstrated in his video just how to pry the cup apart and make sure it’s getting a good cleaning in between uses.

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