Weirdest Beauty Habits Of Celebrities That You Might Have Never Heard Before

Miranda Kerr – Leech Facial

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr’s radiant skin is no less than beauty goals for anyone. Probably this is why she likes to keep it maintained, even if she has to put leeches on her face. Precisely, the process is called a leech facial during which the creepy creatures are put on one’s face as they suck blood and bring it to the skin’s surface. The oxygen and rich nutrients carried by the blood is quite beneficial for the skin and this is how the whole procedure works. Icky though!

Kim Kardashian – Vampire Facial

This one is scary! Kim Kardashian likes a vampire facial which is a treatment that consists of extracting PRP (platelet rich plasma) from the collected blood so that it can be injected into the skin using needles. What motivates her to do that? The reason is that PRP produces an extra amount of collagen which helps in reducing wrinkles, sun spots, and scars. Painful it may sound but then don’t forget it’s Kim Kardashian who is famous for doing the daring stuff.

Snooki – Facial Scrub Made From Cat-Litter

Like most of us, Snooki likes to rely on Google when it comes to DIY skin and hair care treatments but rarely anyone would have tried the bizarre cat-litter scrub that the Jersey Shore star uses for her face. For those who are brave enough to try it and may ask if it’s safe to use – it is not something licensed beauty experts will suggest as they say that it is too rough for the facial skin and can also result in scratches. Rather, you could try adding a pinch of baking soda to the regular cleanser for exfoliation purpose.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Bee Sting Therapy

Ouch! A bee sting therapy? Gwyneth Paltrow has been introducing new beauty treatment known as apitherapy which involves using products derived from bees. Since she revealed that the process is painful, it can be assumed that she went for bee acupuncture which is done by holding a live bee near the skin so that it can sting you. Maybe Gwyneth has turned a daredevil these days but research tells that the procedure can be dangerous if done repeatedly. Wanting to look good is fine but then safety comes first for sure.

Suki Waterhouse – Coca-Cola Hair Wash

Model and actress Suki Waterhouse doesn’t like her fine hair after washing and that’s why she uses a Coca-Cola rinse to make her locks look voluminous. Giving a coke treatment can certainly give you a messy hair look but as hair experts explain: it takes away the natural oils and causes dryness and weak hair cuticles. For a better solution, it’s better to condition your hair starting from the mid-length till the end to get the desired look.

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