Heart attack: the return to the Job to succeed

Most people can return to work after a heart attack back in to your old Job. Even heavy physical labor after adequate Rehabilitation is usually possible. However, it is important that some things be considered – for example, to reduce the workload, where appropriate, to temporarily.

The following points are the study’s authors from the University of Potsdam, hold for a successful return to work after a heart attack is particularly important:

  • Sufficient rehabilitation measures and a healthy lifestyle
  • The Job does not change: "The best way is to return to the Job, you know. Patients with complete restoration of blood flow, taking your medication regularly and not implanted electronic device, can ausführen&quot their work as before, without any precautions;, study author Dr. Rona Reibis says.
  • If necessary, start gradually, the work-load adjust, more breaks, and delegate responsibility: "If you are not able to keep up in the first few months with the work load step, change this. Don’t wait until it is unmanageable and you need to stop. You try to reduce Stress by aufgeben&quot for example, some of the responsibilities for half a year;, so Reibis.
  • In contact with the doctor &ndash stay; especially in the case of high physical load, and comorbidities such as obesity, Smoking and Diabetes.

"After a heart attack, it’s very rare that patients are physically able to perform their previous tasks, including severe Arbeit", Reibis says. Between 67 and 93 percent of patients with acute heart problems return after two to three months to work. Often there are psychological factors such as lack of self-confidence, depression, and anxiety, or a reduced physical efficiency, not to make the return possible.