Pedialyte’s New Powder Packets Are Basically Made To Cure Your Hangover

In theory, Pedialyte was designed for dehydrated children. In reality, kids still definitely use it, but so do adults who are combating hangovers.

Now, it looks like Pedialyte is taking full advantage of that fact with a new product that, honestly, looks like a full-on hangover remedy.

It’s called Sparkling Rush Powder Packs, and Pedialyte says it’s “a fizzy way to quickly replenish fluids and electrolytes lost to dehydration.” You just add the cold cherry- or grape-flavored mix to water, wait 10 seconds, then drink it down (no shaking or stirring—you know, because of the fizz).

Let’s get technical for a minute: How can Pediaylte help with hangovers?

To be clear, Pedialyte isn’t a hangover cure (a true hangover cure doesn’t really exist, TBH). But Pedialyte—loaded with electrolytes (potassium, sodium, and chloride)—can certainly help rehydrate you after a night of drinking and restore those electrolytes you lost from being dehydrated.

Those electrolyte imbalances can also slow down your body’s process of detoxifying itself—meaning your hangover might stick around longer than it might if you weren’t dehydrated.

And while Pedialyte isn’t necessarily advertising these powder packs for those with debilitating hangovers, the company does have an entire section on their website devoted to hangovers.

“Hangovers are the worst,” the website reads. “If you’ve had one, you know there’s no quick fix. Pedialyte is not a hangover cure, but it can help with the dehydration you may experience after a couple of cocktails. So rehydrate with Pedialyte to feel better fast.”

They even go so far as to recommend particular products to do you a solid when you’re hungover, like their freezer pops, classic liters, and yup, the powder packs.

Of course, the best way to feel better after a night of partying is to take it easy on the drinking in the first place (like alternating your drinks with waters or making sure you eat a little something before drinking).

But sometimes, life happens (I see you coming, New Year’s Eve), and these Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder Packs—now available on—can help you feel a little less shitty the next day.

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