Discovered Anti-Aging ingredients to extend the life by around 30 percent

Active ingredient against aging in worms discovered

Nematode worms also known as nematodes, are one of the best-studied organisms in nature. Each of your genes is identified, and each cell is biologically documented. On the basis of this exact knowledge, it is now possible for a research team to decipher the genetic mechanism behind the aging process. Through genetic manipulation, the Team was able to increase the life time of worms by tenfold. In further experiments, they have identified compounds that could extend the life of the people of around 30 percent.

A cooperation project between the Russian and American researchers of the Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT) and the University of Arkansas for medical Sciences (UAMS) discovered a number of active ingredients in the thread worms, which should slow down the aging process of people. The results of their research were recently published in the renowned journal “Scientific Reports”.

Lies dormant in thread worms, the secret of longevity?

The Russian-American research group discovered a Gene in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans that the ageing process controls. The age of the worms is thus intended, in part, by this Gene and to a time period between 15 and 25 days. Targeted Mutation of the gene has already managed to increase the life span of this worm by tenfold.

New active ingredients for longevity

The researchers assume that in humans, the aging process slow down can be. To be analyzed for this purpose, the Team 1309 approved medicines. In ten medications, you discovered suitable active substances, which influence the Alterungsgen in the desired manner. In Tests on roundworms showed that the life of the nematodes by the identified drugs extended. The most effective drug combination was able to achieve a 30% life extension.

This also works for people?

“We have shown that aging is programmed in nematodes, in part, and by therapeutic measures can be modified,” says Dr. Andrei Tarkhov the results of the study. He and his Team expect that similar results also in the case of multicellular organisms, including humans, achieve.

When will the new Anti-Aging drugs available?

The active ingredients, the the life of the nematodes, as extended, came from already-approved medicines. According to the researchers, you have passed already all the necessary clinical trials, resulting in the rapid availability nothing stand in the way. According to Dr. Tarkhov, the drugs could be used Off-now-on Label. As an Off-Label Use refers to the regulation of a drug outside of the approved use. Whether, in fact, a life-prolonging effect in humans, it must, however, be checked by further studies.

Breakthrough in aging research

“This study has several implications to the research of ageing and the rapidly growing longevity industry,” says Tarkhov. The researchers have shown that aging is treatable, but also that drugs can slow down this process. Genetic Manipulation was not necessary. In addition, the Team with its gene expression analysis provided evidence that the genetic profile of aging, similar to the case of all living beings and not only for nematodes, but also for animals and people is of fundamental importance.

These drugs extended the lives of nematodes

In the study, the active ingredients, which is called the life of the worms extended, although, the concentration or the composition for an Anti-Aging drug for people however, there is currently no information. The following active ingredients have a life-prolonging effect in the nematodes:

  • Anisomycin (used against bacteria and protozoa),
  • Alster paullone (active substance for influencing cell growth and cell division),
  • Azacitidine (drug for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes and certain leukemias),
  • Dipyrone (active ingredient against pain, fever and cramps).