Blood pressure after drinking coffee measure

High blood pressure increases the risk for stroke, heart attack, blindness and kidney failure. Because hypertension causes no symptoms, it is advisable to check the values periodically. In order not to skew the results, there are some things to consider, explains pharmacist Volker Schmitt.

Blood pressure measuring devices there are a lot of. Not all of them provide reliable values. A list of tested and certified devices, there are, for example, in the case of the German high pressure League. The majority of it is models that are created on the upper arm. "A frequent source of error here is too large or too tight cuffs. In the pharmacy, can you advise on the optimal cuff lassen", Schmitt says.

The cuff of the blood pressure measuring unit is applied during the measurement at the level of the heart. The collar is deeper, the values are too high. "One hour before the measurement you should be on coffee, alcohol or Smoking verzichten", Schmitt advises. In addition, it is important that the patient sit down three minutes before the measurement and during the measurement, do not speak, otherwise the measured values are also too high.

By the way: The blood pressure varies during the day. In the morning he is usually on the highest, then decreases in the course of the day and increasing towards the evening. Determine "The values, therefore, always, if possible, at the same time, to be able to better compare them. Preferably in the morning and in the evening, when you are at the highest sind", Schmitt says. High blood pressure patients best measured in the Morning before taking your medication.


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