Ben & Jerry's Just Issued an Ice Cream Recall

There’s a recall on certain batches of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream: Certain batches of Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar bulk and Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey because they may contain almonds, Brazil nuts, and hazelnuts, but don’t list them on the label. So people with tree nut allergies could have a life-threatening allergic reaction. The specific recalled batches:

Which doesn’t mean you have to abandon your ice cream habit altogether. We’re not going to suggest you just eat a nice mashed-up, frozen banana instead (although if you put it through a Yonanas “healthy dessert fruit soft serve maker,” it’s surprisingly ice-creamy).

But if you are taking this moment to see if you can maybe take down the calories or raise the health quotient of your nighttime snack a bit—both of these flavors deliver 300ish calories per half cup (aka the amount that goes into your mouth while scooping it out of the container)—here’s what to know:

Alterna-ice creams may not hit the spot

Low-sugar and ultra-low calorie ice creams advertise “eat the whole container!” because you’ll find yourself wanting to. They’re so light, you feel like you can scarf down the whole container—which you can, as many flavors clock in at less than 300 calories for the whole pint. Some ice cream eaters feel more satisfied on a hedonic level with a smaller amount of the full-fat, creamy stuff (check the label for allergens, of course). And nutritionists we’ve spoken with aren’t always crazy about the long list of ingredients in the ultra-low calorie stuff. Check out our staff taste test of regular, low-sugar, and vegan pints.

Vegan ice creams aren’t necessarily lower in calories

For instance, we found one coconut milk frozen dessert that contained 750 calories a pint.

It’s not rocket science: Bypass your assumptions about what’s “healthier” and read labels.

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