Alkaline diet plan for your detox

Table of contents

  • Diet plan to detox the body
  • Detox only works with proper nutrition
  • Nutrition plan for intestinal and liver
  • The pure alkaline diet plan for your detox
  • The criteria of the clean alkaline diet
  • The Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • The Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Drinks during the detox
  • The basic diet plan for 7 days
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • After the basic diet plan for the base excess diet plan

Diet plan to detox the body

There are an infinite number of purification methods. The most intense Form of detoxification, and internal cleansing fasting is the healing. This is either eaten nothing and only drank water or you dilute Gemüseäfte and special Mixtures. When real fasting, you need a fast guide, but no diet plan, no base.

Similarly, in the so-called lemon saftkur (Master Cleanse). In this purification method of drinking about 10 days only diluted with water, and maple syrup sweetened lemon juice, but eats nothing. Also Juice therapy or the ketogenic cleaning do not require a diet plan.

Detox only works with proper nutrition

However, if you want to perform, for example, de-acidification, intestinal cleansing, lymphatic cleansing, liver cleansing, kidney cleansing or detoxification, then it is usually sufficient, but the appropriate supplements to take, special massages, to implement and to move. Also, the accompanying diet is important, almost crucial. Otherwise it will not work the purification.

As always more unhealthy, onerous, and therefore, a acid food in the body, inhibit the detoxification or the body does not device not only in the purification mode. He has to do in this case is still sufficient for the processing and detoxification of the usual diet, and is not or only little to the reduction and elimination of Contamination can be taken care of.

Nutrition plan for intestinal and liver

If you want to, for example, to perform the combined intestinal and liver cleansing, which is a very intense enschlackung program, then you can find here (diet during the colon and liver cleaning), a sample nutrition plan that shows how the diet during the colon and liver cleanse might look like.

It consists of healthy recipes that include those foods that have a particularly positive impact on the gut and liver health, and actively in the Regeneration and purification of these two organs help. This diet plan meets the criteria of a base, excess diet, is not a pure alkaline diet plan.

The pure alkaline diet plan for your detox

Many people want to eat during a detoxification, however, prefer to one hundred percent basic. Therefore, we have selected a pure alkaline diet plan that shows you an example of how you can implement an alkaline diet during a Detox of your choice. Of course, you can adjust the respective amounts of their personal energy needs.

If you are not concerned with the classification of alkaline and acid-forming food, you can find the appropriate detail information in our article about the alkaline diet and, of course, in our acid-base table.

To eat just alkaline, without further de-acidifying, colon cleansing or liver cleansing detoxification measures, then that too is a Form of purification. One speaks of fasting in this case, the so-called base. Our the following nutrition plan is so fasting is basically a diet plan for a week base.

The criteria of the clean alkaline diet

The clean alkaline diet, the following nutrition-oriented plan that meets the following criteria:

  • It is purely vegetable, vegan.
  • It consists predominantly of fresh and basic ingredients, such as fruit, vegetables, salads and sprouts. Occasionally, there are potatoes or Chestnuts.
  • It is used as well as no industrially processed products. Exceptions are Almond butter, almond cream, tiger nut flakes, Yaconsirup and the spices used.
  • Grain products, legumes, nuts and seeds are the acid-forming foods. As good acid producers you are part of the base excess food, but not for the basic diet.
  • Bad acid formers are not consumed. This includes, in particular meat and dairy products, white flour products and sweets.

The Breakfast

In the case of a pure alkaline diet is eating Breakfast is usually fresh fruit. They promote digestion, support detoxification, and are themselves digested quickly, without straining. At the same time, they provide energy and essential vital substances.

If you don’t like fruit in the Morning, so directly from the Hand to eat, you can mash them to a pulp or a Smoothie, and with other alkaline ingredients to mix, for example, with tiger nut flakes, Almond butter, spices (e.g. vanilla, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger), or green powders (Chlorella powder, barley grass powder, nettle powder, spinach powder, or whatever you like). In the following diet plan, you will find a very simple basic Breakfast recipes. More and more complex alkaline Breakfast ideas, see our article on the basic Breakfast.


The basic lunch during a detox may consist of either a fresh salad or a vegetable dish. At least three to four times per week, you should choose the salad, to provide themselves with a sufficient quantity of Fresh and raw food. Always remember to eat your salad slowly and to chew thoroughly. The only way he can be well digested and you supply the materials, with all of its special vital. Our diet plan includes lunch only salads. If you prefer warm vegetable dishes, they can be found very numerous in our recipe section under Alkaline vegetables.

The Dinner

The dinner, during a Basenkur always a soup. You can decide for yourself whether this is allowed to contain fat and/or vegetable cream and is therefore more saturates, or if you omit these ingredients, which makes the soup very easily. The night’s sleep is not disturbed by the digestion of such a light soup. However, you should get at night, not hungry. You eat the soup, in each case saturated.

If you are performing a gut renovation, but on the evening of the second Portion of their colon cleansing supplements. This saturate also very strong, so that they can cope with a soup is usually fine.


Snacks should not be eaten during a detoxification better. For consistent breaks in between meals to support detoxification and slag rejection.

For this reason, the so-called intermittent fasting can be the end of be combined with a purification. In the process, you eat two main meals per day – one at 11 a.m. and the other around 16 or 17 o’clock. In between, only water is drunk. Snacks can be avoided. As the Breakfast goes down, the night time, and the organism can continue his morning detoxification in peace, without that he would be disturbed by Breakfast.

It is between meals, however, accustomed to, and it’s hard to let this just be, then of course it is better to take healthy Snacks to the conventional unhealthy. Many of the ideas and healthy recipes for alkaline Snacks you can find here: Alkaline Snacks

Also jacket potatoes with avocado cream or vegetable chips with Dip can be served as a snack. The perfect between meal with a Basenkur would, however, be simply pressed a glass of vegetable juice – fresh or in organic quality bought.

Drinks during the detox

Drinks – whether water, Basentees or vegetable juice – you should not drink with the meal, but in a time interval of at least 30 minutes before a meal or at the earliest 1 hour after that. The drinks can complicate otherwise the digestion. You dilute the digestive juices and can be produced in susceptible people, a corresponding uncomfortable.

As the diet water during the purification already very-rich (fruits, vegetables, salads, soups), you need to not drink an excessive amount of. As a Mass, often in 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight is given, what is true, however, only if you want to lose weight or very unhealthy has nourished and, accordingly, is a buildup of waste products. Otherwise, 1 litre of water per day is often sufficient, for example, for people that detoxify regularly and also in everyday life already aware of the feed.

The basic diet plan for 7 days

Our alkaline diet plan is now to serve only as a suggestion. You don’t have to implement it so in Detail, but you can always replace the above-mentioned fruits and vegetables against other fruits and vegetables – just use what’s in season and particularly fresh is available, for example, on the market, your organic farmers or in organic grocery store. And now we wish you a good appetite and a lot of Fun in the preparation of our healthy recipes!

Day 1

Breakfast: Basic cereals made of tiger nuts, chestnuts flakes and berries

Lunch: herb-roasted potatoes with arugula salad

Dinner: Basic chili soup Paprika, vegetable broth, a small potato, almond cream and some Cress

Day 2

Breakfast: Basic Breakfast porridge made of carrot, banana, Apple and almonds – all mashed

Lunch: pumpkin-noodle salad with arugula and pomegranate seeds. For this salad, a pumpkin is planed in form of Noodles and other ingredients, as well as a fine Dressing combined.

Dinner: potato-Chestnut soup with celery, Apples and carrots, and a delicately-tuned blend of spices

Day 3

Breakfast: Basic blueberry cream made from Almond butter and blueberries

Lunch: Vegan Caesar salad of Romaine lettuce, pine nuts, and algae, as well as a full-bodied Dressing

Dinner: Chinese cabbage-Chestnut soup with mushrooms, thyme, ginger, parsley and Bay leaf, and Almond butter for the creaminess.

Day 4

Breakfast: Basic banana almond Shake bananas, almond milk, cinnamon, and – according to wishes – a little Yaconsirup

Lunch: Colorful garden salad of blanched green cabbage, raw white cabbage, cherry tomatoes, grapes and sprouted sunflower seeds.

Dinner: broccoli-spinach soup with celery and coconut milk

Day 5

Breakfast: Basic fruit for Breakfast bananas, Apples, berries, almond milk and tiger nut flakes

Lunch: wild rice salad with cherry tomatoes and Corn with The wild rice is previously germinated, so that the salad of wild rice seedlings.

Dinner: Basic plug-beet soup made of turnips, potatoes, carrots, and celery, seasoned with marjoram and parsley

Day 6

Breakfast: Basic Healthy-blood-Smoothie of spinach, banana, barley grass powder, coconut water, and spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, and turmeric

Lunch: chicory salad-Bowl, with creamy-turmeric-ginger-Sauce – The salad consists of chicory, avocado and Mango fruit pulp, the Dressing of Almond butter, turmeric, lemon juice, Yaconsirup and ginger.

Dinner: cauliflower soup with onions, Almond butter, and nori strips

Day 7

Breakfast: Basic almond-fruit Smoothie made of Apple, peach, banana, sea buckthorn juice and almond milk.

Lunch: Beetroot-radish salad with seaweed or if you even have a raw broccoli salad want to try: broccoli salad with Apples and raisins

Dinner: The alkaline fasting soup is a typical soup that during a therapeutic fasting cure to take. If you to the cost of production is too large to prepare a simple vegetable soup, a mixed organic frozen vegetables can be used.

After the basic diet plan for the base excess diet plan

The alkaline diet is the optimal diet for a Detox. On duration, however, it is difficult to provide this form of nutrition with all the nutrients and vital substances in the required amount. The healthy diet, which can be carried out on a permanent basis, is, therefore, the base excess diet.

The goal of any detox should be following the basic time permanently on a surplus base diet switch, so not back in the old acid-forming habits back ends available to all. If this transition is difficult, you can get help in the base excess Detox. In this four-week program, you will learn all the intricacies of base excess food and experience then only a few back – if at all.

We wish you a successful detox time! Your Team from the centre of the health

Note: you Should first inform want what slag is, and whether it will ever exist, so read on here: What is slag?

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