Wander Beauty to Open NYC Pop-up Shop

Wander Beauty wants to help consumers with their in-flight skin-care routines.
The beauty brand is opening a pop-up on New York's Upper East Side in May that will host daily educational events. Topics include airplane-based skin care, post-gym skin care and date-night makeup.
The brand, centered around "fewer, better beauty essentials," plans to showcase its products as part of the talks. "We're touching on all areas and we're really giving her educational moments to touch, feel and interact with our formulas," said cofounder Divya Gugnani.
The pop-up is travel-themed, and is aimed at community-building over sales, according to Wander's cofounders.
For that community, the brand has a job — help create a makeup palette.
"We're really excited about this idea of social co-creation," said Gugnani. "This is core to our brand, and we're creating a physical, dedicated space in our pop-up to create a product in our space."
"People can come in and join in the product development process for the next Wander palette," Lindsay Ellingson, cofounder, added. Historically, Wander's makeup palettes have been seasonal, but this one is meant to stick around.
" are going to have an opportunity to physically bring in objects that have personal meaning to them," Gugnani said. "There's also a digital element where you can submit things digitally if you can't come to the pop-up."
Wander, known for its Instagrammable gold Baggage Claim Eye Masks and On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator, plans to expand further with Sephora in Asia, and enter new categories going forward. The pop-up is the latest project from the brand, which has been growing quickly. Industry sources expect the brand to be at more than $30 million in retail sales for 2019.
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