The occupants should have been intentionally connected to each other with Covid-19

You can see in the Video: inmates are said to have deliberately infected each other with Covid-19.

Prison inmates allegedly try to get infected with Corona to be released

In Los Angeles, the police has released sad shots, the depressing scenes are supposed to show:

The inmates of the North County jail trying to appear to each other with Covid-19 to infect.

The picture is to show how the inmates pass around a protective mask and breathe.

In another Video, the inmates around according to the police a container with warm water and drink it. The warm water should affect the values of the daily temperature measurement.

“Apparently, there was the belief among the inmates, a Corona outbreak would lead to more inmates are released from prison – but that won’t happen with certainty.“ Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the number of prisoners in California has been reduced to prisons. The Coronavirus infections in the North County jail have since the end of April, nevertheless, trebled. The Numbers have increased, according to the police, although the Covid-19-arrangements have been strengthened.

Activists criticise, however, the statements of the police:

“I hear from the inmates is a different story, as the sheriffs start. You do not say that there is enough soap and no hot water. They say that the prison would make employees scared by coughing in your presence, and with the Covid-death.“ Activist Partisse Cullors to the “LA Times”

A lawsuit was filed against the lack of hygiene conditions and Tests in the prison.

Source: Los Angeles Times