Suddenly she has a voice Like a little girl lost after three years, his hoarseness

“Bleeping” and “quiet” – as the mother describes her daughter’s voice shortly after birth. As the little patient is half a year old, examines the vocal cords of the girl. The finding is unremarkable – the Doctors can find no nodules, nothing. The discomfort to keep.

Is overloaded, the voice of a girl, perhaps? A doctor prescribed the patient a voice and language therapy. However, this treatment remains unsuccessful. The girl’s voice is hoarse and sounds like from an old radio. The Doctors and the family of the child standing in front of a puzzle.

The girl is three years old, when the mother decides to venture a new attempt. She speaks to a child’s doctor to the complaints. He asked if the girl complains frequently of abdominal pain and can solve the unusual case finally. Two weeks later, the mother of the child with a bottle of wine in the practice, and says: “yesterday, I heard for the first Time the voice of my child.”

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