Oxymetazoline cream helps Rosacea

Oxymetazoline is a well-known active ingredient that is contained in nose drops or spray, and the mucous membrane leads to a reduction of Swelling. As a cream the active ingredient was applied in the USA is successful in patients suffering from Rosacea: The skin redness of the face decreased significantly, and the cream was well tolerated.

For the study, 440 patients with moderate used severe to severe Rosacea for a year, Oxymetazoline cream. The active substance ensures that the blood vessels constrict: At 37 percent of the patients, the redness decreased three, or 43 per cent, six hours after Applying the cream. After Discontinuation of the cream, less than one percent of the patients showed symptoms once again, according to dermatologist Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos.

In two other clinical trials at other institutes the results were deepened for a total of 885 individuals with moderate Rosacea: In comparison to individuals who have used 29 days of drug-free cream, the redness in the patients with Oxymetazoline-containing cream according to their own evaluation, as well as in digital image analysis. Side effects observed with the use of the Oxymetazoline cream 16.4 percent of the participants, in the case of the drug-free cream, it was 11.8 percent. After completion of the treatment during the following 28 days to increase the appearance of skin redness.



DOI 10.1016/j. jaad.2018.01.027

DOI 2018;17(11):1201-1208.

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