Healthy food as medicine to prescribe?

A research team has calculated in a model, a prescription of healthy food at the cost of health insurance can reduce health care costs significantly, and after five years would be worth it.

In the study, the economic and health benefits have been estimated, which would arise, if 30 percent of the costs for healthy foods through Medicare and Medicaid – two health care programs in the United States for pensioners and low-Income – would be covered. Two scenarios were studied: 30 percent of costs for fruit and vegetables and 30 percent to the purchase of fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, nuts/seeds, seafood, and vegetable oils.

The researchers came to the conclusion that both scenarios would improve the health and health care costs lower. You will appreciate that an incentive would prevent the purchase of fruits and vegetables 1.93 million cardiovascular diseases. In the second scenario, you may even come to 3.28 million less cardiovascular disease and in addition, 120,000 of avoided Diabetes cases. "These new findings support the concept of Food is Medicine‘: That innovative programs for the promotion and reimbursement of healthy food can be integrated into the health system and sollten", Professor Renata Micha of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy says.