Global study: In these cities, health care is the best

The “Best Hospital Cities Ranking in 2019” evaluate conditions 100 cities according to their medical context. In this context, health experts participated, among other things, the infrastructure and quality of care under the magnifying glass. Among the ten best cities in two German landed.

Everyone should have access to the best possible medical care. Not only the hospital itself, but also the environment in which it is play a role, wanted to be health specialists with the Best Hospital Cities Ranking this show.

The experts of the “Digital Hospital” Medbelle (a digital hospital for self-payers) rated 100 cities from around the world, according to their medical conditions.

They investigated, among other things, whether the cities and their hospitals have both wealthy can provide the less wealthy citizens a high quality supply.

Infrastructure, Quality Of Care, Access

In addition, they considered the following criteria:

  • Infrastructure: hospital beds, nurses, surgeons, psychiatrists, patients, world-class medical universities and world class hospitals
  • Quality of care: satisfaction, adverse events, effectiveness of cancer treatments
  • Access: access for citizens, costs of medicines and health care expenditure

For these criteria, you are awarded points, up to 100 percent. The best cut in the Ranking of Tokyo with a total score of 100 percent. The best city in Germany was Munich, with a Score of 97,74 percent, they landed on 6th place. Berlin was ranked as the second best city in Germany with a total score of 95,86 percent of space 10.

This is the Top 10 of the Hospital Cities:

The full results of the Rankings you can read here

In addition, the German cities of Hamburg, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Dresden, Cologne, Nuremberg, Bonn, Leipzig, Hannover and Freiburg were assessed.

“A scale for the Rest of the world”

“With the results, the cities can be appreciated that to provide the best medical care. In addition, a scale for the Rest of the world is created. The results will show, what is the role of medical education, accessibility and infrastructure for the development of a healthier future,“ explain the experts.

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