She’s Back! How Stephanie Pratt Got These Killer Abs

The Hills is back Opens a New Window. is back and so is Stephanie Pratt! The California beauty revealed her incredible figure in a red bikini on a Hawaiian beach on Saturday, March 9. The 32-year-old wowed in a tiny two-piece with six-pack abs so toned, they looked cut even when she was sitting down. She also had in her signature belly button ring.

Pratt’s secret behind those abs, as well as her muscular legs and arms, is Paola’s BodyBarre Opens a New Window. . The 5-foot-7 reality star went on her first retreat with PBB — a London-based studio that combines barre, Pilates, functional training and HIIT training methods — in June 2018. At the time, she shared on Instagram Opens a New Window. that she had “inner conflict” going away on a fitness retreat because it seemed irresponsible and decadent, but then she decided it was necessary. “This wasn’t indulgence, this was SELF CARE,” she wrote. And besides helping her emotionally, she noted it was “changing my body!” So much so, that Pratt went on her second PBB retreat to Mykonos in September 2018.

The younger sister of Spencer Pratt Opens a New Window. has always enjoyed working out, and talked to Us Weekly in 2010 about the variety of simple exercises she liked to do at home. “I love doing the stairs. Sit-ups. I really think that it’s the easiest thing to do every morning and every night,” she told Us. “And I have an elliptical machine in my living room, so that’s what I’ll do. So even if I have only 10 minutes, I’ll hop on it, like, barefoot and get just like 10 minutes in.” She also revealed she was a fan of Pilates and spinning classes at the time.

Still, making her on-camera debut on smash hit The Hills at age 20 in 2007 wasn’t exactly easy in an image-obsessed era and place, especially when it came to developing a healthy body image. In 2009, she opened up to Us Weekly about her battle with bulimia and how she was eventually able to beat it.

Along the way, the MTV star also learned about diet and nutrition — including how to get the best nutrients, what proper portion sizes looked like and how unhealthy some of her creamy coffee favorites really were. Her wellness knowledge and free spirit has only continued to grow.

Today, Pratt has never been happier, healthier or stronger. Scroll through to see her celebrate!

Getting Her Beach Bum

Pratt has been working on toning her booty in her Pilates-based barre class. One favorite moves? Kick-backs with a kickball tucked behind the knee.

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Ready to Relax

The reality star set up for a day of catching rays on Oahu. 

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Raising the Barre

“Is it too late to be a ballerina?” the reality star wrote on a 2018 Instagram in which she performed a Paola’s BodyBarre class plié sequence. 

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Celebrating the Results

The California native’s beachside stroll highlighted her head-to-toe muscles. 

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Finding Permission for Self-Care

Pratt admitted in June 2018 that she struggled with allowing herself to take time and money for a fitness retreat. Then, she wrote on Instagram, “a little voice got louder and told me I needed to take a pause from life stresses & take care of my self.” 

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