Drew Scott’s Son Parker is Already ‘Exploring Career Paths & The 3 Choices Are Beyond Adorable

Drew Scott’s son Parker already has career paths on the brain, and they’re just as adorable as you’d expect!

On June 3, the Property Brothers star revealed that his one-year-old son Parker already has three career paths in mind (and they’re all unbelievably adorable!) And before you say anything, no, none of them have to do with his parents’ HGTV legacy. Scott posted the photos with the caption reading, “Exploring career paths for Parker. So far it’s beekeeper, astronaut or professional basketball player (aka dribbler💧🏀).”


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In the photo, we see Scott holding onto his son as they heavily focus on a beekeeping project, followed by a pic of Scott showing Parker some space shuttles in a museum! And as you can imagine, the dribbling comment is probably the fact that Parker may be in that teething stage where saliva just gets everywhere!

While Parker looks enthralled in both activities, we’re sure Scott can also add businessman and gardener to the list, per his previous Instagram snaps of Parker’s latest shenanigans.

Scott and his wife Linda Phan met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010, and later wed in 2018. In May 2022, they welcomed their son Parker James, 1.

While Scott frequently posts about his son on social media, he keeps the interviews to a minimum. Right after Parker was born, he revealed that fatherhood “unlocks” a new side of you, and in a recent interview with ET Canada, the It Takes Two co-author talked about how fatherhood has made him incredibly patient.

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“Being a parent, you really start to get more patience quickly,” he said. They all make fun of me — I’m an efficiency guy, I’m always showing up on time and everything. It’s not my schedule anymore. It’s Parker’s schedule. I have to learn to just chill with it.”

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