Water protect: drugs disposed of in toilets

Drug residues must not be over the toilet or the sink disposed of. "This path is completely unsuitable, because such medicinal substances can be in the waters gelangen", Mathias Arnold, Vice-President of the ABDA &ndash says; Federal Union Of German Associations Of Pharmacists.

Unneeded or expired medications can be disposed of with household waste. The municipalities of burning the household waste in General, waste incineration plants, before the possible residues are stored in landfills. As a result, the contamination of groundwater by residues of Medications is excluded. Larger amounts of no longer needed medications, such as after a death, to take pollutant collecting points.

Arnold: "It is gratifying that the issue of sustainability has also come with the medication disposal. But the pollution of waters with medicinal substances not only results from an incorrect disposal." Some of the pollution paths are unavoidable, for example if medicine residues in the body and excreted in the urine are reduced. Even when drugs are applied to the skin, the medicinal substances in the shower or bath partly into the wastewater.

As a voluntary Service, some pharmacies offer to dispose of, and in cooperation with the local waste disposal company, old drugs reason water is neutral. Arnold: "There is no obligation to a pharmacy for disposal. What many patients do not know: When a pharmacy accepts the traces of Medicines, you can not exploit you. On the contrary, the pharmacist has to pay for the disposal fees, because traces of Medicines from the pharmacy are industrial waste."


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