Stop Smoking: Special flavors reduce the Addiction

Flavors help for Smoking cessation?

Smoking is known to be very harmful for the health and can even lead to premature death. Many people have problems stop Smoking. Researchers found out now, that the intention may be enough business to Inhale a pleasant flavors, the Craving for a cigarette away.

In a recent study by the University of Pittsburgh, it was found that the Inhalation of aromas can help to stop Smoking. The results of the study were published in the English journal “the Journal of Abnormal Psychology”.

Inhale the aromas as a strategy for Smoking cessation?

If people want to give up Smoking, make use of often the nicotine gum, and the existing Desire for cigarettes away. However, the intention may be enough business to Inhale a pleasant aroma, to reduce the urge to smoke, at least temporarily. This could be used in the future as part of an effective strategy for Smoking cessation, report the authors of the study. Despite the disappointing relapse rates, there has been only a few new approaches to Smoking cessation in General. Also, the reduction of desire offers only a few Alternatives. The use of pleasant smells to the interruption of Smoking habits would be a unique and novel method in order to reduce the Demand.

Many people try unsuccessfully to stop Smoking

While the number of smokers has decreased in the last 50 years, Smoking, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nevertheless, still about 40 million Americans. The majority of adults want Smoking to stop, and at least half reported that they have tried to do this last year. Half of these people have already experienced within two weeks of a relapse. “Even with nicotine replacement, a relapse is common. New interventions are urgently needed to help the millions of people who want to quit, but not in the location,“ explains Stduienautor Dr. Michael Sayette of the University of Pittsburgh in a press release.

232 smokers participated in the study

For the study, 232 smokers were recruited at the age of 18 to 55 years of age, which were ready to give up Smoking, but no other nicotine delivery system like gum, or the evaporator is used. They were asked not to smoke before the Experiment for eight hours, they also had to bring a pack of your favorite cigarettes and a lighter. To skate start Participating first, different odors and measured whether they felt this as pleasant. These smells included, for example, chocolate, Apple, peppermint, lemon, or vanilla, as well as a unpleasant chemical smell, tobacco of preferred brand of cigarettes and a neutral sample without smell.

Participants rated their desire to Smoke by yourself

The Participants were then asked to light a cigarette and to hold in the hands, but without Smoking. After ten seconds, the Participants rated the desire to Smoke on a scale of 1 to 100 verbally, before she extinguished the cigarette in an ashtray stuck. The Participants then opened a container that contained either the smell, they were rated the most pleasant, the tobacco smell or no smell. In this container they smelled then, before they rated again their urge to Smoke. You rays the next five minutes, the tank and rated their desire to Smoke every 60 seconds.

Pleasant aromas of reduced desire to Smoke significantly

The average value of the desire after Lighting the cigarette fraud 82,13. Regardless of the smell, the Participants have smelled, felt all of a decrease in Smoking urge after you’ve had the tank smelled. The average craving of people who had perceived the pleasant odors, decreased significantly (by 19.3 points), compared with people who had smelled tobacco (11,7 points) or the empty container (11.2 points).

Further research is needed

The researchers were of the results is not surprising, because they confirm the results of a much smaller, exploratory study it had carried out previously, and to expand, reported study author Dr. Sayette. Pleasant flavors seem to lead to a greater reduction of craving, because smokers of the thoughts of your desire to be a distraction by memories, which are connected with olfactory Notes. Further research is needed to confirm this hypothesis. “Our research suggests that the use of pleasant odors is promising to fight the Craving for nicotine in people who try Smoking aufzuhören“, Dr. Sayette says. (as)