Science Says This Is How Many Best Friends You’ll Have In Your Lifetime

What if we told you that calling someone your BFF didn’t necessarily cement your status as Best Friends Forever?

You’d probably give us some serious side-eye, right? After all, they’re your ride or die for a reason: your bond with each other trumps all else.

Well, as it turns out, besties – much alike regular friendships – are fleeting. In fact, new research conducted by The Book Of Everyone has found that most women will have six over the span of her lifetime.

The study established these friendships last for 16 years on average. Reason being? Our gal pals tend to slot into the circumstances of our lives – so when we go through major changes (be it moving cities, swapping jobs or leaving uni) these friendships often burn out or become less significant.

This totally makes sense when you consider that women spend 67 per cent more time working on our romantic relationships compared to our friendships.

But here’s the thing: the standard time it takes for love to fizzle is just 10 years. Plus, one in ten women admit they have more fun with their best friend than with their SO and one in four acknowledge their BFF knows them better than their BF does.

The point? As we get older and life, well… happens, it gets harder to maintain significant friendships. (Which explains why the study says 47 per cent of us wish we could spend more time with our mates.)

So, consider this an official reminder to text your bestie. Chances are you’re long overdue for hangs.

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