MatTek and AIM Biotech Partner on Advanced 3D Tissue Culture Organ-on-a-Chip Systems

Today, MatTek Life Sciences and AIM Biotech announced a strategic partnership through which the AIM Biotech portfolio will be available for sale through MatTek. Over the last thirty years, MatTek has become the leader in the advanced cell culture space and is continually working to broaden its portfolio of products and services. The partnership with AIM Biotech allows MatTek to provide an ever more comprehensive suite of products and services to its clients and customers.

This includes the innovative organiX™ and idenTX™ microfluidic 3D tissue culture platforms as well as comprehensive drug discovery research services in key therapeutic areas of immuno-oncology, vascular biology, and neurobiology.

While MatTek has led the field in advanced cell culture and tissue culture for decades with models such as EpiDerm™, and most recently EpiKidney™, these models have been developed as a single organ system within an in vitro format. As researchers push the envelope on advanced in vitro systems, they are becoming more interested in models which incorporate even more physiologically relevant features, such as perfusable vasculature, and even combining multiple organ systems.

One of our goals is to continue to enhance the complexity of in vitro tissue technology and keep bringing it closer and closer to in vivo human biology, and the microfluidic cell culture platforms from AIM Biotech can do just that,” said MatTek CEO Alex Armento. “By partnering with AIM Biotech we can more easily add perfusable vasculature to in vitro models and build ever more physiologically relevant assays which help better predict in vivo outcomes.”

“AIM Biotech is excited to partner with MatTek in order to get our advanced 3D tissue culture platforms as well as our extensive portfolio of application-specific guidance and services into the hands of more researchers from around the world. Together we are taking the initiative to combine AIM Biotech’s ability to create self-assembling, immunocompetent, perfusable systems with MatTek’s extensively validated cell culture models. This will enable us to advance the development of assay-ready systems which are easier to use and will provide physiological data earlier in the drug development process,” described AIM Biotech CEO Jim McGorry.

AIM Biotech’s Organ-on-a-Chip Tissue Culture Platforms are now available for sale on MatTek’s online store.

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