Just 15 steps a day could improve blood sugar control and cholesterol levels

The importance of exercise for good health goes completely undisputed.

With research suggesting it could cut your risk of cancer and boost your longevity, experts continue to highlight ways to easily include physical movement into daily routines.

However, a new survey from Deep Freeze and Deep Heat Report called An Active Investigation suggests we’re still not doing our best.

Three-quarters of the participants recognised they didn’t move enough. 

Physiotherapist, Sammy Margo, from Deep Heat and Deep Freeze, said: “Lack of awareness of the health benefits of exercise and current guidelines of exercise is an issue, with 60 percent admitting they didn’t know what the government and NHS recommendations on exercise are.”

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However, as little as 15 steps could be enough to improve your blood sugar control and cholesterol levels, according to the expert.

Margo explained that the key is to start somewhere, even if it’s something simple as getting up for a stretch at regular intervals.

The expert said: “One recent study showed that standing up and moving around every 30 minutes — even if it’s only taking 15 steps — will activate metabolic changes that improve blood sugar control and cholesterol levels. 

“15 steps activate metabolic changes in the muscle and other tissues including the liver, blood vessels, fat tissue and pancreas.

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“A small amount of activity reduces inflammation in these tissues which facilitates healthy metabolic function. 

“It also reduces raised insulin levels which helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.”

While 15 steps a day could be a great start, ideally, you’d strive to do more physical activity.

The NHS recommends doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity, weekly.

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What’s more, there’s no need to buy expensive gym memberships, according to Margo.

The expert said: “Even light activity such as housework, gardening and simply being on your feet as much as possible helps to lower blood glucose.”

“Walking within 30 minutes of a meal or snack is a good way to reduce blood sugar. 

“Most forms of aerobic and cardiovascular activity reduce blood sugar and high cholesterol.”

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