J.Lo Just Posted an Absolutely Insane Photo of Her Abs While Rocking a Neon Pink Bikini

I’m a hustler baby. I just want you to know…that Jennifer Lopez has the most insane abs on the planet. Seriously. Our ab idol posted a behind-the-scenes photo from her new movie Hustlers of her rocking a neon pink bikini and showing off her stomach of steel. Oh, and she’s also strutting a star-shaped belly button ring. Now that’s what we call a look.

Hustlers, which is set to come out next year, is inspired by a 2015 New York Magazine article about strippers who band together to steal from their Wall Street clients. J. Lo is staring in the film as Ramona, which is why she wrote “#Ramona on fire,” in her caption.

Just over a month ago, J.Lo’s soon-to-be-hubby Alex Rodriguez posted a series of Snapchat videos of her taking pole dancing lessons to prepare for the role. The videos show her wrapping her legs around the pole and spinning down into a booty pop, all while wearing crazy high heels. Yeah, girl has got some serious moves.

J.Lo has also been preparing by hitting the gym on the reg (like she always does) and, of course, challenging herself to change up her diet by going completely sugar- and carb-free for 10 days. J.Lo and A-Rod’s 10-day challenge was all over the internet, but only later did she reveal that it started as a way for her to prepare for her new role. When you’re playing a stripper, the outfits are sure to be, well, revealing.

Hustlers will also feature stars like Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, and Julia Stiles. Yep, some of the most badass women in the business. At this point, we’re pretty much dying for this film to come out, but if the wait is filled with more behind-the-scenes photos of J.Lo’s abs, we can’t complain.

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