How to burn fat in 15 minutes: Four weight loss tips you can fit into your day

3. Eat a protein-packed lunch

Alexandra Miller, a corporate dietician, says protein-rich foods can aid weight loss.

This is because they keep you feeling fuller for longer, which prevents over-eating.

Protein also helps the body to burn fat, build muscle and repair tissue.

We’d recommend ditching processed sandwiches and other lunchtime treats in favour of dishes that are rich in the nutrient.

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4. Sip on some apple cider vinegar

Celebs like Victoria Beckham have made apply cider vinegar a part of their daily routines.

The acidic fluid is easier to swallow if you dilute it with plenty of water.

Dr Carol Johnston, associate director of the nutrition programme at Arizona State University, says ACV targets body fat.

She suggests consuming a small amount to activate your metabolism.

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