HIMSS launches developer contest to improve Latino youth health

The HIMSS Innovation Center and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will launch a global developer challenge to improve the health of at-risk Latino children – one of the largest and fastest-growing youth populations in the U.S.

HIMSS and CHLA are inviting entrants to design solutions in three key areas: mental health, access to healthcare and access to social services.


Some 62 percent of Latino youth live in low-income families and one-in-six Latino youth in California have one undocumented parent, putting them at greater risk for health problems.

Even beyond language and cultural barriers, numerous social determinants of health disproportionately affect health outcomes in this population, according to HIMSS and CHLA.


The HIMSS-CHLA challenge follows the Tech for Latinx Health Equity summit, held Jan. 29 in Los Angeles, where a group of 70 healthcare leaders and innovators gathered to discuss the impact of immigration on the health of Latinx youth (a gender-neutral term for persons of Latin American descent).

On the bright side, new research shows that the Affordable Care Act has made it easier for Latinos to access healthcare. Because of the ACA, more Latinos of Mexican heritage in California have reported having health insurance and a usual source of care compared to other Latinos, according to the study, published in Health Affairs.

This is the second challenge launched this week aimed at improving care with a focus on social determinants of health: The American Hospital Association is sponsoring a similar effort to better leverage technology to address SDOH issues.


The challenge will run from March 4 to April 26, with three winners selected to win $20,000 total in prizes to support their project.

The winners will be announced in Los Angeles on May 10 and will have the option of receiving support from the CHLA Innovation Studio, UX designers, developers, and community organizations.

Rules and registration can be found online when the challenge launches next month, the groups said.

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