Flu infection: Help tea and chicken soup really cold?

What grandma already knew, can’t be wrong, right? Example the common cold: a Lot of swear because of the home remedies of chicken soup, out of experience or habit.

And others get a herbal tea from the pharmacy or drugstore.

But the hot liquids really help? The answer is surprisingly complicated.

Effect of chicken soup is not proven

So there are for example no studies on whether chicken soup helps the people really like the Foundation of health, says know.

Laboratory tests provide evidence of a possible anti-inflammatory effect – for a scientific judgment, however, will not suffice. Finally, there is also a chicken soup, each recipe is different.

Two are the benefits of chicken soup but in any case: firstly, she is hot, what makes secretions better flow and improves circulation – so the well-being is improved. And secondly, a good soup provides with a lot of vegetables, essential nutrients and plenty of energy.

So patients get better on the legs, explains the Foundation.

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Teas are soothing, but not healing

Liquid, hot, delicious, and so beneficial a tea. Much more, you should not expect medicinal teas but, says the magazine “Öko-Test” (issue 12/2019).

Because although there are herbal medicines that are proven to be effective. This requires, however, that they contain certain extracts in the same amount and concentration.

This is a tea especially if it is prepared by the laity in the domestic kitchen.

Add to that the 18 tested, cough – and Bronchialtees that they contain, in many cases, pesticides and other undesirable substances, the mosquito repellent DEET, for example.

Eleven of the 18 candidates are, therefore, “deficient” or “unsatisfactory”, and also the best teas, because of the not proven effect, only a “sufficient”.


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