Doctor shares five simple tips to combat hay fever symptoms without medication

The hay fever season is well underway, leaving many reaching for the tissues more than usual.

Fortunately, a NHS doctor, Dr Sooj took to his TikTok to share five tips which could help tackle runny noses and sore eyes without using medication.

He said: “Since we’re approaching the summer months, here are five things you can do to improve your symptoms of hay fever and the last one has really helped me.”

The doctor’s first tip includes applying Vaseline around your nostrils and under your eyes to trap some of the pollen circulating in the air.

Vaseline provides a barrier to catch pollen particles and relieves the effect of sore skin often caused by hay fever symptoms.

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@doctorsooj Doctor explains the best ways to combat hayfever without medication. #hayfever #pollen #summer ♬ original sound – Dr Sooj

Dr Sooj continued: “Two, wear wraparound sunglasses to stop pollen getting into your eyes.”

The doctor then moved on to his third tip, which involves keeping your windows and doors shut “as much as possible”.

While it can be tempting to let some air in during a hot day, this also allows pollen to enter your home and can further aggravate your symptoms.

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The fourth tip was to vacuum your house regularly and dust it with a damp cloth.

The doctor then moved on to his final point, by saying: “Finally, buy a pollen filter for the air vents in your car.”

In another video, Dr Sooj also spoke about what you should avoid if you have hay fever, like walking on grass.

He said: “Avoid keeping fresh flowers in the house. Don’t smoke or be around smoke because this can make your symptoms worse.

“Don’t dry your clothes outside because these can catch pollen.

“And finally, if possible, don’t let pets inside the house, this is because they can bring pollen indoors.”

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