Constipation relief: Unusual vegetable juice to soothe symptoms and bloating

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Constipation and bloating expert Dr. Megan Rossi advised celery juice to soothe symptoms. The gut health doctor spoke with exclusively.

“Celery juice is quite good actually, having celery juice for bloating,” the doctor, who also recently suggest a certain exotic fruit to help with constipation, said. 

Celery juice is made simply by blending the raw vegetable with water.

Celery contains vitamins A, C and K, as well as calcium, magnesium and zinc among other nutrients.

Eight ounces of celery contains four grams of fibre.

It has been suggested in rodent studies celery could help with inflammation and reduce blood pressure.

However, it is the fibre in the celery, as well as the water in the celery juice, which could soothe the bloating.

Fibre is essential to help the gut run smoothly, but most Britons do not get enough in their daily diet.

Fibre adds bulk to stools, and softens stools, making it easier to pass them.

Not only does the added water in celery juice help with bloating, but celery itself also contains a lot of water.

Drinking water will keep stools hydrated and soft. Dry and hard stools are much harder to pass.

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Celery may also stimulate the production of stomach acid, which can help with the symptoms of bloating.

However, drinking too much celery can result in an upset stomach.

It is also high in FODMAPs, so for those with IBS or on the low-FODMAP diet for other health reasons, celery juice could cause more problems than it solves.

Although, the expert pointed out the importance of working out why a patient is constipated or bloated.

She suggested bloating and constipation could be a result of stress.

If you are having persistent problems, see your GP.

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While celery juice can help, in general, Dr. Megan said “there is not really such a thing as anti-bloating foods”.

Instead, she suggested a number of practical tips to help prevent bloating.

These are “having smaller meals, as well as spreading meals out.

“Chewing your food as well, those sorts of strategies, anything that means that you are less likely to absorb the gas.”

Dr Megan also suggested some crucial supplements to help constipation. 

“Probiotics is probably one that I get asked the most questions about,” Megan told

“The thing is, there are so many different types of probiotics, so we need to understand is that each individual one actually does different things in our body.

“If you had an iron deficiency, you’re not going to go and take vitamin D supplements, and the same goes with probiotics.”

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