Cancer increases the risk for poverty

A low income increases the risk of cancer is already known for a long time. The German cancer research center indicates a further connection between cancer and poverty: After cancer the financial Situation of the patient often worsens significantly.

For many cancer patients, it is often not possible, after the disease back into the profession, life is back to normal. The main reason is that the people Concerned are so powerful as before. This is from a study of the project "Cancer and poverty – to the socio-economic consequences of a Krebserkrankung" the Hamburger Fern-institutes of higher education. Three years after the initial diagnosis of the study participants, only 67 percent of the employed, 15 per cent related to pensions and about 18 percent lived of unemployment benefits. Of the latter group, about 62 percent received only unemployment benefit II and led a life on the existence minimum.

According to the study, 57 percent had prior to the cancer diagnosis on a family net income of over 2,000 euros, according to the disease, the number shrank to 35 percent. The cause of the financial crash was for almost all of the respondents is clear: the cancer. The disease requires a lot more expenses, such as, for example, co-payments for medications or hospital stays. Thus, the patient will be charged in addition to the limited professional activity in addition to financially.

The study also found that half of respondents felt well informed. "This is a Problem that concerns us all. Because the Least due to the complexity of the German view of the social system with its different actors, responsibilities and regulations,” says Carmen Fleck, lawyer at the cancer information service and a specialist lawyer for social law. There was no work to education and concrete assistance for the victims. But that is exactly what would be helpful, because the study also shows that a good advice before poverty can protect.

In order to inform yourself extensively on the topic of social security benefits, contact the best clinic, social services, cancer counselling services, charities, citizens ‘ phones or the Federal ministries. Similarly, all social insurance institutions such as insurance companies, employment agencies, social services or pension insurance are obliged to advice.

Affected can also contact the cancer information service directs patients to the right Places more: free phone 0800-420 30 40 daily from 8 am to 20 PM, and by E-Mail [email protected].