Alkaline bath for deacidification

Table of contents

  • A basic bath – small effort, big effect
  • Alkaline bath for deacidification at home
  • Alkaline bath of minerals, bases, and crystal salt
  • Alkaline bath with the Sango marine coral
  • Alkaline bath with the stress killer Magnesium
  • Alkaline bath for deacidification
  • Alkaline bath with crystal salt
  • Base Baths – The Extras
  • What comes before the alkaline bath?
  • How to take a basic bath?
  • What comes after the alkaline bath?
  • A basic bath for high blood pressure?

A basic bath – small effort, big effect

Base baths have been known for millennia for its curative effects. In the past, people travelled across the land, mineral baths, salt lakes or hot springs to visit and take a relaxing and healing bath. For who does not know this feeling, when you let the warm water fall. Anon muscle pain,joint pain, and abdomen to pain. The tension fades. Back life return forces, and you will feel like newly born.

Alkaline bath for deacidification at home

How to take virtually that today we have our hot spring in your own apartment and not a days-long travel, more of us need to take a well-deserved alkaline bath for deacidification. You need, therefore, is nothing more than a bathtub (conveniently with water connection) and an alkaline Bath for deacidification on the skin. The one or the other candle, relaxing music, a Cup of hot chocolate – and the Stress has no Chance.

Alkaline bath of minerals, bases, and crystal salt

The basis for a basic bath bath products from the following three ingredients:

Alkaline bath with the Sango marine coral

An alkaline Bath with the Sango marine coral can on the one hand to promote the deacidification, i.e. the excretion of excess acids and on the other hand, help to fix the nowadays widespread magnesium deficiency. Many people are supplied as a result of inadequate nutrition especially with Magnesium. A lack of Magnesium can lead to heart disease, Arthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and other stress-related disorders.

Alkaline bath with the stress killer Magnesium

You take enough Magnesium, then you will be less susceptible to stress. This means that the stress-inducing stimuli from the environment are not or only decreased stress reactions. With enough Magnesium, you can experience a deeper sleep, improved concentration, and optimal muscle and nerve functions.

Magnesium reduces also inflammation, pain, and cramps. It is also for the activation of more than 300 enzymes responsible and helps the cells to oxygen more effectively.

Also the likelihood to develop atherosclerosis or a blood clot, is reduced signicantly when enough Magnesium is present. Magnesium enhances the effect of insulin on the cells of the body, thus reducing insulin resistance.

Ultimately, it is the skin of a alkaline bath with Magnesium also benefits. Magnesium prevents excessive drying of the skin, which is why the valuable Mineral can help to reduce the dandruff and the itching in case of skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.

Alkaline bath for deacidification

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a basic compound that is often used for deacidification. Sodium bicarbonate will increase the pH of your pool water.

You measure the pH before and after its alkaline bath with the help of pH test strips. You will notice that the pH of your pool water is decreased after one hour of bath time.

This is because an alkaline bath ensures that the skin is stimulated to the deacidification, so acids can be discharged through the skin. For this reason, base baths to include, in principle, to any comprehensive deacidification program.

Especially with the Stress of large incurred amounts of Acid. Now, if regular base baths are performed for deacidification, can this stress be eliminated, so that an accumulation of acid slag, and long-term health complaints can be avoided.

Sodium bicarbonate also promotes the skin’s own moisturizing and provides as a result also for a smooth and supple skin.

Alkaline bath with crystal salt

Salt baths are since ancient times, as particularly helpful in skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

But also in rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system base baths with nature are recommended salts. The natural crystal salt has a slight anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

While bubble baths cause the skin to swell, the alkaline bath with natural salt to ensure that the skin is better supplied with blood. The dandruff and itching.

Base Baths – The Extras

In addition to the alkaline Bath additive made of the above three ingredients, you can give a few drops of your favorite fragrance in the Form of pure essential Oils in organic quality in the bath water.Lavender or Melissa oil are best, since they work in addition to relaxing.

A full bath in a bath tub of normal Size 5 to 10 drops of the essential Oil will suffice. In round bathtubs, possibly more. Stir the essential Oil first in a bit of honey or in warm coconut oil and add it to the bath water.

What comes before the alkaline bath?

You will love the delicate and soft skin? Then you choose once a week for a basic scrub, which you apply before your basic bath. In this way, you combine Wellness, stress reduction and Spa therapy beauty :-). Apply the basic scrub, let it soak in for a while and then showering it then. Dead skin cells are removed and the underlying young skin cells can breathe easily. They descend then into the bath alkaline bath.

How to take a basic bath?

If you live in an area with heavily chlorinated tap water, you should provide for your basic bath for filtered bath water. If you have not installed a house filter might be also a special shower head with integrated Filter a solution. This not only filters the unwanted chlorine, but also pollutants from the water.

You pay for your basic bath to the right bath water temperature. You should not exceed 37 degrees. Since the acid excretion is to be used on the skin after 30 minutes, recommended for a basic bath, a bathing time of at least 40 minutes.

Base baths can be used in times of great stress or during a deacidification program up to three times a week as a cure (two to four weeks). Subsequently, 1 alkaline bath per week is sufficient.

What comes after the alkaline bath?

Base baths to relax deeply and sustainably. They are therefore ideally suited for a relaxing end to the day.

After an alkaline bath, a Massage with organic coconut oil. No one is to Hand, could you massage, then you take the coconut oil instead of your usual body lotion or you can choose a basic body lotion.

Wrap up warm and enjoy the evening in peace and quiet in the evening. Avoid following a basic bath in any case, action movies, or similar to the nerve-wracking activities.

A basic bath for high blood pressure?

If you suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure or Diabetes, speak in front of a basic bath with your family doctor and ask how you should use your Badeabende make, so that you do not have to renounce on the base baths. In any case, you should pay attention to well-tempered water and a short bath times. Sure you will advise your doctor on this issue competently and in detail.

We wish you a relaxing and relaxing alkaline bath nights!

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