After the death of the mother and the Baby, Cologne: glucose mixture for anaesthesia should have a means to contain

The focus of the investigation, the Heilig-geist-Apotheke in Longerich – a harmless glucose should be mixed in mixture with a toxic substance.

Cologne chief Prosecutor does not exclude intent

"We cannot exclude the possibility of premeditation in the act!“, chief Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer said on Tuesday noon, when he informed the Deputy police Director Andreas Koch and Cologne health head of Department Prof. Dr. Harald Rau in the police Bureau over the previously known facts.

The Cologne homicide Commission, “spirit” is to be determined

The woman and her Baby were at 19. September, died, after the woman had made in the gynecological practice in the specialist centre in the Holy spirit hospital for a glucose Test.

The pregnant woman had bought three weeks earlier, in the Heilig-geist-Apotheke (in the building of the hospital), a bag with a bottled glucose mixture (grape sugar).

Last Thursday she went in the said practice under the supervision of a doctor, the in water dissolved glucose powder to take. “With this Test will be investigated in Pregnant women, whether or not you may have a gestational diabetes”, said Koch.

Mother came in a Cologne hospital

The Holy spirit-the hospital informs that the collapsing was supplied at the end of mother-to-be after the emergency call from the practice in the hospital medical. She was in the 25th week of pregnancy. “After the necessary emergency caesarean section, the mother was transferred to the University clinic, the child to the children’s hospital Amsterdamer Straße. Both of them are deceased. The incident was reported on the same day by the practice of the Cologne police.“ Cook explained that the woman died of “multiple organ”.

On Friday, the pharmacy was searched. On Monday, 15.37 at the results of the Toxicological investigation was in the bucket with the glucose-powder, a “toxic substance” has been found, that does not belong there, according to Bremer. The pharmacy was on Monday re-searched.

Stunning Mediterranean in the glucose mixture

Bremer and chef do not want to say what fabric it is. For EXPRESS information it is a medium that is used for local anesthetics, such as at the dentist. In case of Overdose, it may attack the Central nervous system, restlessness, seizures, cardiac arrhythmias, drop in blood pressure and poisoning trigger.

Also, the patient complained of in gynecological practice two days before the deaths, at 17. September – Feeling Of Numbness, Heart Rhythm Disturbances. You broke off the ingestion of glucose, because they tasted sweet – it saved her life. She was transferred for observation to the hospital. Whether you and your Unborn damages have carried away, could not Bremer say. This will be investigated. As well as the question of why the practice is not already this case have reported.

There have also been a patient at 19. September have taken, in practice, the preparation from the pharmacy, with no complaints. It could be that the anesthetic was just scattered on the glucose-powder in the bucket – then it depends on luck, in which to sell bottled sachet of glucose with the narcotics and what not. “I’m stunned, I can’t explain it to me,” says pharmacist Till Fuxius. “I trust the police investigation. I’m a witness, not a suspect.“

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