Man blinded in one eye after he was with contact lenses showers

Nick Humphrey began to wear contact lenses, because of him, his glasses while playing Football and also aesthetically bothered. He knew, however, how the contact lenses would damage his eyes, he would have never started this, he told the British newspaper “metro”. The 29-Year-old made the mistake to take a shower with contact lenses in the eyes. Eye doctors do not recommend showering with contact lenses, so that no water gets in the eyes. Humphrey said he knew nothing about it, and it would also have been no warning on the packaging of its monthly lenses.

He noticed that something was wrong with his eye, as he discovered the skin of a scratch on the horn. One Morning he saw at once worse than usual. First of all, he thought, he would have scratched the eyes during Use of contact lenses. But when his visual acuity further declined, he was worried and went to the optician who sent him to a hospital.

There, he got the diagnosis akanthamöben keratitis. This is an infection of the cornea, caused by the so-called Akanthamöben. These are tiny parasites, protozoa, which can penetrate the skin and trigger inflammation.

The parasites cavort in the water, but also in the human body

The parasites cavort in the water: swimming lakes basin, in the earth and in the mineral water, as well as in the nasal and pharyngeal mucosa of healthy people. A disease is extremely rare, because up to 50 percent of people have antibodies against the Akanthamöben, such as the “medical journal” writes. In Germany are affected each year, according to the “Pharmaceutical newspaper” about 100 to 150 people from the disease.

Therefore, the most common cause of infection is a lack of Hygiene and the Use of contact lenses. According to studies, 88 percent of patients with akanthamöben keratitis contact lens wearers are. Contaminated water that penetrates into the cornea, can cause the infection.

The infection is in many cases with disinfecting eye drops treatable. This also got Humphrey was prescribed for you. He had to dribble, every 15 minutes, in his eyes, but it has not helped. Three months later, he was blinded in the affected eye.

Physicians helped him, by corneal collagen cross-linking, and, later, a membrane transplantation. The infection disappeared and then, but Humphreys remained a blind eye.

For those Affected, there is still hope

Now for Humphrey, the only hope is that Soon the Doctors be a corneal transplantation with him to perform and his cornea to be replaced by the of a deceased. Perhaps Humphrey will be able to then finally see out of both eyes again.

Contact lenses he would like to wear according to their own statements, never again. Even if Doctors can give the all-clear: A akanthamöben keratitis is extremely rare and should be for contact lens wearers who place high value on Hygiene, and in the best case, not with your lenses swimming or taking a shower, there is no reason for excessive concern.

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