Pre-Packed fruit salads are often contaminated with fungi and Intestinal bacteria

In the supermarket shelf, they look quite appetizing: ready-made fruit salads. The colorful mixtures of sliced fruits to give the impression of a healthy snack. But that’s exactly what they are not.

Ready-made fruit salads are enjoy according to information from the NDR consumer magazine “market” rarely safe to. In five of the seven products from the supermarkets, discount stores and bakery shops, the number of Intestinal bacteria, yeasts or fungi to values located in a sample above the warning levels, respectively, indicative of the German society for Microbiology. The salads were not was, therefore, at the time of the purchase, already ready for consumption.

In the case of a Discounter-product of both the total number of bacteria as well as yeasts and intestinal bacteria were, according to the “market” is above the alert value, and can therefore cause diarrhoea. In the fruit salad from a supermarket have been found in the laboratory fungi. This can produce cancer-causing toxins.

Bearing temperatures were in six cases, to highly

In addition, should not have been noted on some of the cups the production and consumption date. Also the temperatures should not be buying is actually of more than seven degrees Celsius, have been exceeded in six of the seven products significantly. For Pregnant women, the elderly and vorerkrankte people with a weak immune system all of these factors could pose risks.

The seller of the fruit salads reacted according to the “market” differently to the research: Two providers had withdrawn their products from sale. A bakery shop is announced to waive in the future, in principle, to the sale of fruit salads.

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