Joint replacement: Before surgery with the Smoking suspend

Smoking is not only harmful to the lungs and the circulatory System. The contained in cigarettes substances also reduce in all the tissues the oxygen supply. Thus, the risk for complications in the Implantation of a new hip or knee joint is increased. If you don’t smoke for six weeks before and after the procedure, can reduce this risk by half.

Hardly a Patient knows that Smoking constitutes a risk in the case of a knee or hip joint SURGERY. In smokers of wound healing disorders, infections, and loosening of the implant occur twice as often as non-smokers. "The smoke contained carbon monoxide, and cyan water substances lead to a reduced supply of tissue with oxygen. Thus, the Wound and bone healing is impaired Implantation. These harmful effects are, however, very quickly, if you with the Smoking aufhört", Professor Dr. med explains. Rudolf Ascherl, President of the German society for arthroplasty. Already a targeted quit Smoking by twelve weeks the intervention will reduce the Smoking-related risk by 50 percent, and wages in all other operations.

Patient can SURGERY risks minimize

The Use the patient is asked for an intervention so each of the things themselves can contribute to the Success of Other diseases such as (unrecognized) Diabetes, Obesity, dental diseases, chronic wounds or skin infections can increase the risk of complication and should be discussed in advance with the doctor. Then can optionally be carried out, a treatment that increases the chances of success for the artificial joint.