Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Share the Secret To Being Fun Grandparents — & It Involves Mac ‘n’ Cheese

America’s grandparents have spoken — and they’ve revealed the secret to keeping kids happy. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (aka, the cutest couple in Hollywood) dished on how to be the fun grandparents, and it’s so wholesome.

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At the Asteroid City premiere in New York City last night, Wilson and Hanks talked about being active with their grandchildren.

“You got to get on the trampoline with them, you got to get in the pool with them, you got to get on the tennis court, you got to do all the sports,” Wilson told Entertainment Tonight. “You just got to hang out.”

This is all very true, but it boils down to one thing: “You have to make their macaroni and cheese just perfectly,” Hanks said with a laugh.

Anyone whose met a kid knows how true this is! They have their very specific preferences, and you better not mess it up! (And also, taking the time to figure out how they like their mac ‘n’ cheese and making it for them shows how much you care.)

  • It’s All About the Love

    Image Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

    In the interview, Hanks also talked about simply loving his grandkids. 

    “All you gotta do is love those little brats and they’re better than TV,” he said, then added, “They’re not little brats, they’re extraordinary young women.”

    Wilson chimed in, “They are extraordinary young women.”

    Hanks is dad to sons Chet, 32, and Truman 27, with Wilson, as well as  son Colin, 45, and daughter Elizabeth, 41, from his previous marriage. Colin is dad to two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte, and Chet has one daughter, Michaiah.


  • Tom Hanks’ Grandkids ‘Don’t Care’ He’s Famous

    Image Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

    In an interview with Us Weekly in March 2019, Colin joked that his daughters “don’t care” about their grandpa’s fame. 

    He also explained a little bit about what it’s like at their grandparents’ house. “The grandparent gives them stuff they shouldn’t be having, and the grandparents don’t listen to what the parents are saying they should be doing,” Colin said. So basically, like every other grandparent’s house!

  • Grandparenting Requires ‘a Lot of Sugar’

    Image Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

    We got a little more insight into Hanks’ and Wilson’s grandparent styles in October. In an interview with TODAY, Colin said, “They’re okay,” about Hanks and Wilson as grandparents. “It would be great if they paid attention to the kids’ bedtime. You know, actually cooked food that the kids will eat. No, they’re fine, they’re great.”

    He added, “[They give them] a lot of sugar… [It’s] a lot of not necessarily paying attention to the schedule.” Hey, the schedule is for parents, we totally get that! 

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