Parents Are Confident They Can ‘Conquer’ Potty Training With this $35 Potty That’s Basically The Real Deal

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So you’ve reached that time, huh? You have a toddler who’s ready to start potty training? Well, we’re so excited for you to be able to ditch diapers, but we don’t envy this accident- and tantrum-filled time. You’ll get there! We promise! But for now, you — like all parents — could use an extra hand as badly as you could use an extra towel.

Enter the Jool Baby Real Feel Potty Chair. This ingenious and adorable (Is it weird to think a toilet is adorable?) potty looks just like the real deal. It has a tank that — instead of holding water — can store wipes, books, or the toys they play with while sitting there for what feels like forever. It has a retractable toilet paper rod, five included liners that make cleanup easier, and the crème de la crème is undoubtedly the flush handle.

When toddlers push down on it, it makes a real flushing sound. Yup! But it’s not that scary flushing sound they probably run away from. It’s a mellow flush that also includes much-deserved cheering sounds (“Hooray! You did it!”). And so yes, this easy-to-assemble potty does require the included batteries. Included! Hey, when you’re in the trenches of potty training you have to learn to appreciate the little wins.

The Jool Baby Real Feel Potty Chair is made for toddlers 18 months old and up. Once your “big kid” is too big for the chair, the training seat can be placed on a standard toilet to keep their tiny tush in place. Shoppers are calling this long-lasting chair (and especially the handle!) absolute “perfection.”

“Never thought he’d be so excited to go sit on his little potty,” one Amazon shopper said. 

“My baby enjoys the potty and isn’t scared of it like she is a real toilet,” said a happy customer on Babylist. “We really feel like we will be able to conquer full potty training a lot easier with this Jool Baby potty.”

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