Alicia Keys' 8-Year-Old Son Protects His Mama in the Most Heart-Melting Way During Her Concert

He may be only 8, but Alicia Keys’ son Genesis is a force to be reckoned with. In the wake of musicians getting things thrown at them during concerts (the most recent being Cardi B, who retaliated by throwing her mic at a fan, per PEOPLE), Genesis decided to take it upon himself to protect his mama. The photos from the sweet on-stage moment will melt your heart!

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Producer Swizz Beatz, who shares Genesis and son Egypt, 12, with wife Keys, shared several photos of a recent concert on Instagram. In them, the “City of Gods” singer is performing on a sparkly piano on stage, while Genesis stands right next to her as her bodyguard. He’s wearing blue Crocs, black sweatpants, and a letter jacket with his name on it. Both of his hands are in his pockets as he stands in a power stance to make sure nobody tries anything funny while his mom is performing.

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“He heard how people been acting at shows lately 😂,” Beatz wrote over one of the photos. “My boy serious in real life 🤣.”

Beatz described more about the moment in his caption, writing, “My boy said I’m not playing no games on moms stage 😂😂😂😂 He a real serious one 😂 Thank you Gen we love you and your protection 😂 He didn’t care she was live on stage 😂😂😂😂.” That is seriously so cute!

  • People Were Proud of Genesis

    Image Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for SiriusXM

    People were loving Genesis’ fierce support. 

    John Legend commented, “?????.”

    Someone else wrote, “When the crocs in sport mode you know it’s serious business ??.”

    Tracee Ellis Ross said, “@therealswizzz this is so hilarious and also not funny at all. People have lost their minds.”

    Meek Mill wrote, “?????????????.”

    “The stance and all has me screaming ? he really didn’t come to play,” another said.

    Even Keys herself commented. “my heart!!!!!!!??????” she wrote. 

  • Alicia Keys Shares Behind-the-Scenes Moments from Tour

    Image Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for AK

    The “Girl on Fire” singer is currently on her Keys to the Summer Tour, and she’s been posting behind-the-scenes updates. Earlier this week, she shared a hilarious video with her son Genesis on Instagram. 

    “Really gonna do this, mom?” he asks Keys in the video. “What’s wrong?” she asks. 

    “That heart!” he responds, pointing to a heart pasty over her nipple. 

    “It’s cool,” she said. 

    “So everybody can see your boobs?” he asks. 

    “They can’t, they just see a heart,” she said. 

    “I’ve never seen somebody do that,” he replied.

    “Well, you’re only eight.” She then shows him the dance move that she’s going to do on stage to prove that no one will see her breasts, and he retaliates by saying, “How about we do this” as he dances with his arms close to his chest. He is so concerned for his mom, it’s so funny!

    She added in her caption, “Genesis was not a fan of my pasties ??.”

  • Her Kids Don’t Think She’s Cool

    Image Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC via Getty Images

    In a previous interview with guest host Brandi Carlile on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Keys talked about how her kids don’t think she’s cool.

    “I think they think I’m cool, but I do have to remind them,” she said while laughing. “I’m like, ‘Do you know who your mother is? Like, do you know how many people want to spend time with me, what do you mean you don’t want to be with me right now?’” We’ve all been there! 

    “Or how ‘bout when I’m singing, like, maybe it’s nighttime, and I’m like singing to them or something, and they’re like, ‘Ma.’ I’m like, ‘Uh, what? You don’t want me to sing, what?’” she adds with a laugh.

    “But they’re so sweet,” Keys says.

    Even if they don’t think she’s cool, they do love her, and it’s so sweet to see!

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