25 Celebrities Who Had Babies Via Surrogate

What do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick all have in common? These celeb couples all went the surrogate route to have kids — and so did all the other celebs on this list. Honestly, celebrities having babies via surrogate may be way more common than you’d expect. We rounded up 25 celebs who became parents through surrogacy and have been open about their experiences.

The reasons that celebrities — just like, you know, all other human people — turn to surrogacy are varied, whether they’re same-sex parents or struggle with infertility or a myriad of other reasons. And plenty of stars (including Amy Smart and Elizabeth Banks, for example) speak openly about their choice to use a surrogate, seeing the discussion as an opportunity to share their years of fertility struggles in hopes that their stories will help other families.

Kim Kardashian West is another high-profile mom who’s candid about her choice to use a surrogate to have two of her kids. “I love my surrogate, we have a really good relationship,” she told Entertainment Tonight in April 2018 of the surrogate who gave birth to baby Psalm. “I really trust her and I definitely see, like, the first time that I went through it, I was a little bit more anxious, and texting more and calling more, and I feel like my surrogate this time around, really is such a protecting person and I really trust that in her.”

We love to see stars who are unafraid to get candid about the many ways it’s possible to grow your family, and how they made their decisions. Ahead are 25 celebs who had kids through surrogacy, and what they’ve had to say about the process.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2017.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

While Kim Kardashian gave birth to her first two children with husband Kanye West, she suffered from placenta accreta while pregnant with both North and Saint, and suffered from preeclampsia with North as well.

So, for Chicago and Saint, Kim and Kanye turned to a surrogate — and Kim’s been vocal about some challenges that presented for her. “It is frustrating to not be able to do it on your own,” she said. “It is a weird dynamic. Like, I go to all the doctors’ appointments and I try to be really present, but when you’re not carrying it yourself, it is such a fine balance of how much you’re going to be in their lives.”

Jimmy Fallon & Nancy Juvonen

On July 23, 2013, Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen welcomed daughter Winnie via a surrogate. Fallon went on the Today show to discuss the couple’s fertility struggles shortly thereafter: “We’ve tried a bunch of things,” he shared. “Anyone who’s tried will know, it’s just awful.”

“We tried for a long time, for five years,” the host added. “I know people have tried much longer, but if there’s anyone out there who is trying and they’re just losing hope . . . just hang in there. Try every avenue; try anything you can do, ’cause you’ll get there. You’ll end up with a family, and it’s so worth it. It is the most ‘worth it’ thing. I’m just so happy right now. I’m freaking out.”

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade welcomed their first child, daughter Kaavia, via surrogate in November 2018. In an emotional Women’s Health interview this February, Union opened up about the process of deciding to use a surrogate. 

“There’s nothing more that I wanted than to cook my own baby … the idea of it felt like surrendering to failure,” Union explained. “People want to see the bump, hear that you got hemorrhoids — they want to know you’re like them. I was like ‘This is going to seem like the most Hollywood s— ever. Will I be embraced as a mom?’ It’s terrifying.”

George Lucas & Melody Hobson

George Lucas and wife Melody Hobson welcomed daughter Everest in August 2013 via surrogate. Everest is Lucas’s fourth child, joining his adopted children Amanda, Katie, and Jett. Everest is Hobson’s first child.

Neither party has spoken out about the choice to use a surrogate, and they’ve both remained largely quiet about the relationship as a whole. The couple married in 2013.

Chris & Deanna Daughtry

Musician Chris Daughtry welcomed two children with wife Deanna via surrogate: fraternal twins Adalyn Rose and Noah James. After a partial hysterectomy in 2006, Deanna was no longer able to get pregnant, so the couple turned to gestational surrogacy when they wanted to expand their family. 

“Our family is overwhelmed with joy by these two precious gifts from God,” Daughtry wrote on his website at the time. “The babies are both healthy and resting. Thanks to everyone for their love and prayers.”

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen welcomed son Benjamin via surrogate in February 2019, and chatted with Today’s Hoda Kotb about why he chose to use a surrogate instead of adopting a few weeks later. 

“I was fortunate to have the means to be able to. It can be expensive and complicated,” Cohen explained. “And I just said, ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to try to do this,’ and I did. It’s incredible to me as I’ve now learned that surrogacy is illegal in many states, and I don’t understand why it’s illegal in New York and New Jersey, which is why I went to California. That’s where my wonderful surrogate was, who I owe so much to.”

As to the decision to have kids: “It was always in the back of my head, and I’d be at friends’ houses and they’d be tucking in their kids and I was like, ‘I need this in my life,’” Cohen said on Today. “I was getting to a point in my life where I was looking at where am I going and where am I headed and what do I want for the rest of my life.”

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent

TV personality Nate Berkus shared in 2014 that he and husband Jeremiah Brent were expecting their first child via surrogate. Both Berkus and Brent shared a gushing message on Facebook announcing the news.

“Wanted to share some exciting news….We have had the most special year and its JUST become even more beautiful. We are happy to announce that we are expecting our first child!” the message read. “While we can’t share much, we can say that thanks to a surrogate and the support of those we love we will officially be a family in the spring of 2015!”

Kelsey & Camille Grammer

Of Kelsey Grammer’s seven children, two were born via surrogate: son Jude and daughter Mason, who he shares with ex-wife and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer. Camille discussed the choice to use a surrogate on her blog in 2012.

“Speaking of childbirth, I had my children through surrogacy,” she wrote. “If you can’t get pregnant for whatever reason, it’s great to know that there are options available for people that want to have a family. I wish I could have had that experience. I’m just so grateful I had a wonderful surrogate who carried our two children. I have two amazing angels in my life that I love so much. They are such a gift and a blessing from God.”

Ryan Murphy & David Miller

Ryan Murphy and husband David Miller have two sons via a surrogate: Ford and Logan Phineas. 

“It’s amazing to be two dads and we have a wonderful surrogate,” Murphy told E! News in 2014. “It’s so uplifting and I’ve enjoyed sharing our story with young gay families.”

Murphy got into details on the birth too: “It was an amazing birth…37 weeks and a day and he was a chunker, 7 lbs 13 oz. David and I were there and pulled him out and cut the cord and cried and it was pretty amazing. And now look at me I’m crying again.” 

Matt Bomer & Simon Halls

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls share three sons (twins Henry and Walker, and older brother Kit), all born via surrogate. Bomer told People in 2014 that being a father was a “profound gift” and “the most daunting challenge.”

“I just want to be hopefully somebody who helps shape these souls without changing how they came into the world,” the White Collar star said of his kids. “To just give them the structure they need to thrive in the world but at the same time let their own personalities shine through. Some days that’s easier than others.”

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed their surrogate daughter Faith Margaret on December 28, 2010. The couple, also parents to daughter Sunday Rose, said in a statement: “Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret. No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier.”

Tyra Banks & Erik Asla

Tyra Banks became a mom in January 2016, when she and partner Erik Asla welcomed son York Banks Asla via surrogate. The America’s Next Top Model creator, who underwent years of unsuccessful IVF treatments, called York her “miracle baby.” 

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

Actor Sarah Jessica Parker gave birth to son James Wilke (with husband Matthew Broderick) in October 2002, and seven years later revealed that their family would be expanding. “Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed,” said a publicist. Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick arrived in June 2009. 

Jordana Brewster & Andrew Form

In September 2013 Fast & Furious actor Jordana Brewster announced that she and husband Andrew Form had welcomed a son, Julian Brewster-Form, via surrogate. Brewster revealed that going into motherhood, she had a preconceived notion that she had to have it all figured out. “I’m pretty type-A and pretty organized and when I had Julian that all went out the window. There’s no way to prepare,” she admitted. 

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka became parents of a son and a daughter via surrogate in October 2010. The actor shared the news on Twitter: “Gideon Scott and Harper Grace entered the Burtka-Harris fold. All of us are happy, healthy, tired, and a little pukey.[sic]”

Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

In March 2011, actor Elizabeth Banks revealed she and husband Max Handelman had welcomed a son, Felix Handelman, via surrogacy, writing on her blog: “The one true hurdle I’ve faced in life is that I have a broken belly. After years of trying to get pregnant, exploring the range of fertility treatments, all unsuccessful, our journey led us to gestational surrogacy: We make a ‘baby cake’ and bake it in another woman’s ‘oven.’” 

Lucy Liu

Former Charlie’s Angel Lucy Liu had her son via gestational surrogacy. In August 2015, she shared a photo of her newborn on Instagram alongside the caption: “Introducing the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu.” In 2013, Liu said she wanted children but that it “just hasn’t happened yet.” 

Elton John & David Furnish

Elton John and his partner David Furnish got the best Christmas present in 2010: a baby boy called Zachary. Little brother Elijah arrived via the same surrogate in January 2013. Of the surrogate, a source said: “Elton and David love this lady like a sister and they feel indebted to her for life.” 

Amy Smart & Carter Oosterhouse

Actor Amy Smart and husband Carter Oosterhouse welcomed daughter Flora via surrogate in December 2017. The Just Friends star announced the happy news on Instagram, writing: “Feeling so grateful to have her in my arms… after years of fertility struggles I give thanks today to our kind, loving surrogate for carrying her.” 

Giuliana & Bill Rancic

TV host and reality star Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill Rancic welcomed a baby boy, Edward Duke Rancic, via gestational carrier in August 2012. The couple later revealed their plans to add to their family, but sadly their surrogate suffered a miscarriage in 2014. 

Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef

Singer Ricky Martin became a dad in August 2008 when his twin sons Matteo and Valentino were born via a surrogate mother. In 2011, Martin said while he was relieved to be “diaper-free” he would “like a little girl.”

Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery

Five years after giving birth to daughter Stella, Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery welcomed another little girl, Sienna May Ivery, in September 2014 via surrogate. And little brother Eli Christopher Ivery was introduced to the world in December 2016. 

Dennis Quaid & Kimberly Buffington

Actor Dennis Quaid and ex-wife Kimberly Buffington welcomed fraternal twins, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, via surrogate in 2007. “God has definitely blessed us,” the couple said in a statement. 

Perez Hilton

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton turned to surrogacy to become a dad of two: son Mario Armando Lavandeira III and daughter Mia Alma. Announcing Mia’s birth on Instagram, Perez wrote: “It is with great pride and relief that I can finally announce: I am a dad again! The road to this birth has been a difficult journey, quite different from the first time, and my son and I are overjoyed at this happy and healthy addition to our family. Every child is a blessing and this Mother’s Day was extra blessed for me and my mother!” 

Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance

After trying to conceive for seven years, actor Angela Bassett and husband Courtney B. Vance were overjoyed when they finally became parents to twins Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah in January 2006 via a surrogate. “Just standing there together, holding each other with the realization that this is the moment that we’ve been working toward, praying for… [it’s a dream come true],” said Bassett of watching her twins being born. 

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