‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for July 2022

It’s officially summer now! We’ve celebrated the summer solstice, and hopefully you made some intentions for the season. Now that we’re in Cancer season, it’s a good time to unite with friends and family for dinner parties and beach-time while also taking the time to show yourself some TLC. It’s really normal to feel all the feels during Cancer season – Crabs are notoriously sensitive and love a good wallow — and given the current political climate, it makes sense to curl up with a blanket and your favorite snack and feel whatever might be coming up for you now.

But don’t worry — your cocooning won’t last all summer long. By the end of the month, we’re entering Leo territory, so get ready to let your hair down and have some unabashed fun. For more insight on how the stars will affect our month, we asked astrologer Lisa Moore on how we can best integrate the latest transits, including what Venus in Cancer means for our love life.

Welcome to pleasure town

The planet of action, otherwise known as Mars, enters Taurus on July 5, and while typically Mars is a fiery planet, when it’s in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, this time is less about power and more about pleasure.

“Mars in Taurus is a slow burn energy, asking us to engage all of our senses in whatever we are doing,” Moore says. “It digs deep into what you truly value. Taurus, a Venus ruled sign, represents all earthly pleasures, think mother nature, yummy food, good wine, chocolate, and our sensual physical body. Mars is here to propel you to seek and enjoy sensual pleasures.”

But this is not about a quick roll in the sheets – think more about prioritizing sensual, sexual experiences. Moore also cautions that since Mars is impulsive energy and Taurus doesn’t like to be prodded, you might want to let things flow to you rather than chase after them.

We’ll be taking a walk down memory lane

Mercury, the planet of communication and mental activity, enters Cancer on July 5, which means things are going to get deep and nostalgic. “Mercury in Cancer swims down to the depths to evoke deep memories,” says Moore. “[This means] we will want to take it all in. There is a more intuitive, feeling approach to how we process information. This is a transit where it bodes well to tune into what you know on a gut level and not to be heavily influenced by others.”

You might be reliving old memories with friends and family while also having deep and emotional conversations that may (or may not be) connected to the past.

Moore warns that since Cancer is a more self-protective sign, you may find it more challenging to communicate what is going on. Also she says to watch for Mercury cazimi (when a planet is in the heart of/conjunct the sun) the Sun in Cancer on July 16. At this time “it’s looking at the big picture and seeing all the moving parts so it may find a bright new idea or insight.”

Time to take care of you and your loved ones

Venus, the planet of love, enters Cancer on July 17. So what does this mean for our love life? Mainly showering ourselves some major self-love vibes while also breaking out the mom vibes and taking care of our loved ones.

“Venus in Cancer will bring the TLC type of vibes,” Moore says. “Venus here can bring out our inner caretaker and look to protect who and what we value. We can be more empathetic as well as our own emotions may be more readily available.”

In our relationships, says Moore, we may feel the need for a deeper connection. Additionally, we might also tap into the emotions of the collective, and since things are a little heavy lately, Moore recommends making the time to attend to our own mental well-being. Additionally, it’s also a wonderful time for artistic activities but “watch for being hypersensitive. It’s a time we may take something too personally that we would normally let slide.”

Time for people to hear your roar  

After all the feelie-feels and long talks that took place while Mercury was in Cancer, get ready for more passionate and confident communication when the tiny planet enters Leo on July 19.

“Mercury enters Leo and calls for confident and heart centered communications,” Moore says. “Think of a lion standing at the top of a mountain ready to roar out and engage with others. Where do you now have a better understanding (after the internal time in Cancer) that you can now boldly articulate? It can be a time to say what you need to say, be honest in your communications leading with love. Leo is ruled by the sun so it’s also a prime time to share creative ideas.”

Leo season will help us get clear about our biggest dreams

Leo season wraps up the month on July 22, and Moore says this is a time we can easily access our true nature.

“Things will feel more playful and yet we will have a deeper connection to love and a better sense of what we value. It is a time to share the inner wisdom gained during Cancer season and share our individual sunshine with others.”

Our heart and mind will be in close alignment during Leo season, says Moore, and with Neptune having gone retrograde on June 28th,  “t’s a time where we will be reevaluating our innermost dreams and desires. Seeing where we may have gone off track to make readjustments. It’s also a great time for creative play to make our hearts happy and to share that with others.”

The full moon is powerful AF

The full moon in Capricorn happens on July 13, and according to Moore, this full moon will shine a spotlight on anything you’ve been sweeping something under the rug, or been in denial of. “It is also a great time to let go of what has become toxic, whether that is a relationship, work situation or cleaning up your diet by eliminating a food you’ve found to be triggering your system,” she says. “The purpose of a full moon is to illuminate what needs to be addressed, and then we have the opportunity to work on the issue. Whatever is being jolted into consciousness is to usher us forward in life.”

The new moon wants us to take up space

The new moon happens near the end of the month on July 28th and lands in the audacious sign of Leo. So think passion and excitement!

“Leo is bold and upfront, ready to take the stage and sometimes to blurt out what may be better left unsaid, even if it’s the truth,” Moore says. She recommends that when you go to set your new moon intentions to leave some room for adjustment, and “use any extra energy that is running through your body for exercise, this includes sex, and be more conscious of your movements with so much energy on tap.” Most importantly, however, Moore wants us to lead this lunation from a place of love. “Leo rules the heart and if we lead with love up the chances for the best possible experience.”

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