Three rashes could be warning signs of different creatures living on your skin

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Your skin is the protective layer for your home, so the idea of any critters invading it sounds more than uncomfortable.

While some creatures living on your skin are completely harmless, others can trigger some worrying problems, according to Dr Noman Mohamed.

In a series of TikTok videos, the dermatologist based in the UK, highlighted three different parasites which can cause skin rashes and issues.

From scabies to hookworm, here’s what to look out for.

1. Scabies

Characterised by an intense itch, scabies describes a skin condition caused by an infestation of tiny mites.

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A tell-tale sign of scabies is an itchy rash, which can crop up anywhere, but it often starts between your fingers.

The NHS explains that the rash may then spread and turn into tiny spots, which may look red on lighter skin.

While scabies is not a particularly serious condition, it does require treatment.

A pharmacist can help you find the right cream or lotion to target the pesky mites, according to the health service.

Dr Noman also urged people with the condition to “wash their bedding and clothes at 60°C on the first day of treatment”.

“Put clothing that cannot be washed in a sealed bag for three days until the mites die,” the expert added.

2. Demodex folliculorum

Demodex folliculorum refers to a common type of mites that usually reside around the cheeks, nose, eyebrows, eyelashes and forehead.

While these small creatures are generally harmless, people with immune systems that don’t function well can see the mites multiply out of control.

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What’s worse, once the critters die, they release bacteria which spurs on inflammation in people with rosacea, triggering a more severe form of the condition.

Sometimes mistaken for acne, this often starts as red or pus-filled bumps that form close together on your skin.

While rosacea can’t be cured, Dr Noman explained that creams and gels, including azelaic acid, ivermectin or metronidazole, can help.

3. Hookworm

While hookworm usually lives in the small intestine, it can also occupy your skin.

These parasites are passed in the faeces of an infected person, which can eventually penetrate the skin of humans and show up on the foot like a red worm-shaped rash.

People can pick up these worms by walking barefoot in an affected area.

If you have worms, your doctor will prescribe a medication to kill them.

To avoid picking up the pesky parasite, the Centre for Disease Control recommends avoiding walking barefoot on soil.

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